Broad Horizon 29.08.2022

Remco Frankin is Fleet manager Broad Horizon for the Dutch market. He brings us up to speed on various mobility issues and reveals plans for the future.

Remco is quite determined when it comes to one of the most important conversation topics in society “mobility involves all of us and affects us in more ways than we can imagine”. He talks about the mobility and fleet policy at Broad Horizon and how group purchasing has a positive impact on both employees and the group as a whole.

Initially, Remco started working at Pink Elephant as Project Manager where he was also responsible for fleet management. Earlier this year, in January 2022, he was appointed Fleet Manager for Broad Horizon in The Netherlands. His main tasks currently consist of streamlining Fleet and Mobility Management for the entire Broad Horizon group in The Netherlands and making sure a unified policy is implemented. 

The majority of employees at Broad Horizon have a company car as part of their fringe benefits. “By joining forces as a group, we can now negotiate on a whole different level and receive better lease conditions. Most of all Broad Horizon’s company cars originate from the VAG-Group, which includes brands such as Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, and Audi.” A discount percentage is automatically passed on to the employees, this way they receive a greater car for the same price. And to top that, employees are not obliged to take over the car when leaving the company. This is a major benefit for the employees and allows us as a company to deploy cars where needed throughout the various Dutch companies that are part of Broad Horizon. Remco explains: “By combining forces, we have a large pool of cars at our disposal, meaning the average costs and standstills are reduced. Sustainability is also an important part of our strategy, resulting in the fact that diesel cars will no longer be an option in the future. Employees will be able to choose between petrol, electric or hybrid cars and although we would like to stimulate people to drive electric, we are aware that there are still some hurdles to be overcome before a company fleet can be 100% electric. In the end, they are free to choose whatever option best suits their needs” says Remco.

Shared mobility and alternative modes of transport are now all part of the fleet management strategy and need to be reviewed carefully. “Mobility is constantly changing and has a large impact on the way we travel for work, that is why I strongly believe in a flexible approach. Employees should be able to make their own choices when it comes to mobility and use the mode of transport that best suits their needs”, says Remco. Convenience, availability, sustainability, and flexibility will prove to be the mobility success factors of the future. “We will be introducing ‘Shuttel’ in the third quarter of this year” says Remco. Shuttel is a mobility pass and app for employees that offers all modes of transport from trains to scooters and e-bikes to car-sharing and it can also be used as a petrol card or charge card. “It will allow Dutch employees to decide for themselves how they wish to use their mobility budget to best suit their personal mobility needs. In the long term, facilitators such as ‘Shuttel’ will make mobility cleaner, more sustainable, and smarter!”.