Broad Horizon 09.05.2022

Danish colleague Kristoffer Rasmussen joins the Amsterdam Office for one month and shares his work experience.

Kristoffer started his career at Projectum in Denmark as an intern five years ago. He is now a Senior Developer in this company and is broadening his skills by working at True in Amsterdam during the month of May. We look at what encouraged him to take this decision and which experience he will be taking back home from the Netherlands. 

Senior Developer at Projectum | Aarhus, Denmark | 33 years | mentor | tech passionate | explorer | avid IT professional

For the past 5 years, Kristoffer has been working at Projectum in the Aarhus office in Denmark. The initial 4 years were part of an internship linked to his studies as a computer technician. “These studies gave me the chance to combine classes with a job in the tech sector. In Denmark, students often combine their studies with a practical training in a company, I was very fortunate to have started at Projectum and be given the chance to work on great assignments and be part of a fantastic team. Taking the learnings from the workplace back to school and studying different cases from the company is a great way to learn. It’s also encouraging to see the changes that have occurred while working at Projectum, Not only have new technologies been introduced since I started working in this company, but I have also seen a shift to a more modern approach of working”. 

How did you get acquainted with the other companies of the Broad Horizon Group? What encouraged you to move to Amsterdam and gain additional experience at True?

Not long after the acquisition of Projectum by Broad Horizon, Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO of Broad Horizon, travelled to Denmark to meet the Projectum team. During a presentation at the Copenhagen office, Jean-Yves elaborated on the various companies that are part of the Broad Horizon Group and zoomed in on their core businesses. “This set me thinking, and because I had heard a lot of positive comments about True in Amsterdam, I asked my manager Monica Sabroe if I could gain extra experience within this company. The ball got rolling, and now here I am in this beautiful city working with a very enthusiastic team of Trueligans. I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Is it your first time in Amsterdam? Did you encounter any challenges when moving to this city?

Kristoffer has already visited Amsterdam a few times and always enjoyed his time there. “It’s a different ball game when you spend an entire month in a foreign city. The search for accommodation wasn’t easy, but I ended up finding an Airbnb in the North of the city, which is fine. I travelled from Denmark by car, but I do everything by bike since I’ve been here. It’s crazy to see the number of cyclists and the distances they do every day with their bikes”.

I plan to visit ‘Keukenhof’ and ‘Fabrique des Lumières’ (thanks to Jitske for the tips) and already spent a beautiful day in ‘De Hoge Veluwe’. I would also love to attend the Counterstrike Championship in Antwerp later this month”. 

And how did you experience King’s Day?

I will buy something orange next time! The streets in Amsterdam were packed and it was crowded. I preferred the evening before the big day, where I spent a very enjoyable evening in the Jordaan”. 

Have you been able to soak up the Trueligan vibes yet?

Since I have only been here a short week and because of the public holiday, I have not had the chance to meet many colleagues yet, but the True office boosts amazing energy, and I look forward to working together and sharing knowledge with the developers and with Marilou as she is a very inspirational manager”. 

Overall Kristoffer hopes to gain more knowledge on how people work in other countries through this exchange. ‘It will give me a broader perspective on the work-life balance as it will allow me to compare the Dutch mentality to the situation at home.’ 

Do you find the Tech sector to be male-dominated?

Although Kristoffer is convinced that a shift in society will still need to happen, he has already noticed some positive changes. “When I started my course as Computer Engineer 5 years ago, 50 boys and only 2 girls attended these classes. Now, 5 years later, I see that more girls are choosing to start courses in computer science, this is a very positive trend. At Projectum and True, the gender balance on the management level is quite good, but there is still a large gap for certain functions such as Software Developer”.

What are your professional and your personal ambitions?

As I love the technical aspect of my job, I generally just want to excel in what I’m doing at the moment. I have a passion for creating products and hope to continue in this field. I think it’s important to keep learning and to continuously search for new opportunities. Now that Broad Horizon has acquired Sulava in Finland, it would be great for me to also spend some time in Helsinki and get to know the ropes of this company while sharing my expertise with the team there. I’m very grateful to my boss Monica for driving and pushing me to try new things”.

Personally, Kristoffer wants to remain involved in the volunteer project ‘Hack your future’, a free web development program for talented refugees and other disadvantaged groups who want to start a career in web development. “Besides sharing my technical expertise as a mentor, I thoroughly enjoy giving advice and providing support to those less fortunate”. 

What will you be taking back from Amsterdam to Denmark?

Besides the fact that Kristoffer promised his sister he would bring back tulip bulbs, he mainly wants to take back the good practices and the incredible energy from the True office in Amsterdam. ”I hope to become an ambassador for our company and help implement changes in our offices in Denmark following the experience I was able to gain from the Trueligans!”. He ends: “I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to gain additional experience within the Group and who sees cultural differences as an additional asset for his or her future international career.