Nieuws 07.04.2022

Corporate Social Responsibility project at Cmotions

Siri de Ruiter | 28 years | Consultant at Cmotions | globetrotter | open-minded | inquisitive 

After her studies in Groningen, Siri started working as Data & Analytics Consultant at Cmotions. For the past 3,5 years, she has been advising various clients on how to move towards being a more data-driven organisation. Besides this fascinating job, Siri is very much involved in Cmotions’ CSR program, which is an important part of the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to practices and policies undertaken by corporations intended to have a positive impact on society.

The CSR project at Cmotions is entitled ‘Who Cares?’ and focuses on sustainability and society. Siri, who is one of the driving forces behind this program explains: “We aim to create a positive impact by integrating Cmotions’ expertise in data & analytics as much as possible in the various initiatives that we introduce. These initiatives can vary from providing IT guest lessons for children with a language deficiency to collecting waste around the Bunnik office on World Cleanup Day. By organizing a wide range of actions around CSR, we aim to stimulate all colleagues to engage in initiatives they can best relate to. Also, we want to make sure that the initiatives are fun to take part in and do not feel like a burden.” 

Time for change
CSR is a much-discussed topic at Cmotions, one that is mainly driven by a growing number of employees who wish to contribute to society. “I am glad to see that many of my colleagues feel the same way as I do about creating a positive impact on society. For me it is crucial to provide a CSR program that allows every colleague at Cmotions to get involved without feeling constraint,” says Siri. “That is why a survey was conducted among all employees to get a better understanding of their CSR needs and aspirations. Based on the results and together with management, we outlined our new CSR plans and I’m very happy to share this with you today!

The focus will be on sustainability on the one hand and positively stimulating equality of opportunities on the other. Furthermore, we would like to see contributions both on a micro-level as well as on a more general level. On a micro-level, we aim to positively change the lives of individuals through our personal contributions. Examples are teaching children with learning difficulties or stimulating colleagues in making more environmentally-conscious choices. On a general level, we strive to deploy our expertise in the field of data & analytics to create insights or tools that have a broader impact on society. To illustrate this, an example would be to develop a statistical model that indicates which local areas are susceptible to having a higher risk of learning deficiencies. Ideally, we want to create connections with other organisations to amplify the impact of our efforts. This could, for example, lead to the optimal allocation of their resources based on the insights we provided.” Siri continues by saying: ”Regardless of the topic and the scale of the project, it will be vital to achieve a lasting impact and to elaborate on the projects through all our communication channels. An important part of accomplishing this will be to measure the impact of our initiatives. This is something we, as data experts, obviously love doing!

In the meantime, some specific plans have been set in place: 

– Implement a sustainability baseline measurement in order to determine how Cmotions can make the greatest impact by decreasing its environmental footprint; 

– Set targets and stipulate guidelines for the equality of opportunities theme together with the Management Team

– Stimulate CSR contributions within the organisation (e.g. within management teams, CIAs and other project groups), this can be achieved by setting targets on either employee or team level.

– Take a stimulating and facilitating role by making hours available for CSR projects for all employees

It’s clear that CSR constitutes an integral part of Cmotions’ culture and strategy. Siri’s personal ambitions reach even further when it comes to CSR: “I think it’s important that every one of us contributes to society in whichever way we feel is adequate. Personally, I would love to have a greater impact by working more on CSR-related topics during my client assignments. Making an impact on society might seem challenging at times, but above all, it feels very rewarding.