Internet of things (IoT)

The silent revolution for connected devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is sometimes referred to as a silent revolution. The IoT is suddenly all around us, without there ever having been a big-bang moment. It’s in our homes, in public spaces, and in the products we use every day. And if studies are to be believed, this is just the beginning.

Broad Horizon believes that the IoT will become an increasingly important factor for every organization. From optimizing processes and facilitating employees to developing products and improving customer relations – the IoT has a key role to play in the digital transformation. But where should you start?


What is IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the term used to describe the technology that connects physical devices to the Internet and to other connected devices. Sensors are used to collect and send data from the device, providing insights that you can use to optimize business processes and create a digital universe around a product.

The car that sends you a message when your tyre pressure is too low; your alarm system that is connected to cameras and immediately sends the right images to the security company; smart homes based on home automation; underground waste containers that automatically send a message when they are too full. These are all everyday examples of the IoT. In a nutshell, the IoT is everywhere.

Data, data, data

When we talk about IoT, the first thing that springs to mind is smart devices with sensors. That’s what we can actually see and touch. But the IoT is so much more than that. The real value of the IoT is, in fact, in data: all those hundreds of billions of devices creating a multitude of data in the cloud. Data that you as an organization can benefit from.

Every IoT solution consists of a chain of four steps.

It all starts with devices fitted with sensors that generate data based on usage. All these devices then send that data to the central cloud where it is securely stored. Subsequently, this data is used for analyses and prediction models based on artificial intelligence, and conclusions are drawn.

Finally, this is translated into practical follow-up measures aimed at an end user or within a business process. This is how the data from the IoT device is converted into value.

Digitale werkplek - Continuous Workplace

Continuous Journey

If you want to take the leap into the world of IoT, the technical aspect is not that much of an undertaking. After all, the technology has already demonstrated its practical merits and we can also guide you through the process. The real challenge lies in translating the technical opportunities into practical applications for yourself and your customers. How does the IoT fit into your strategy and how can it be deployed effectively? We would be more than happy to help you explore your options.

We understand that every organization is different. As such, we have developed an approach that consists of several phases: Envision, Onboard, and Journey. By working methodically through the three phases, we make the technology accessible to you and enable your employees to actively participate in the process. While doing so, we also gather insights about the organization, its goals, and its target groups – insights that we use as a foundation for developing a roadmap based on smaller use cases related to the IoT. A number of quick-wins are often instantly for the taking.

Practical applications for the IoT

There are many practical applications for the IoT in a commercial context. Here are a few examples.



By connecting all refrigerated shipping containers to Azure IoT, Maersk offers its customers the opportunity to monitor and review how cargo is being transported at any time. With this project, Delegate was named a Digital Transformation Partner by Microsoft.

BG - strooi wagens
BG Engineering

Although gritters are not in use for much of the year, they spring into action in droves when the temperature drops. This IoT application therefore has specific requirements in terms of being able to quickly scale up and scale down the environment in ad hoc situations. Thanks to our platform services, we are ready to take on this challenge, day and night.


No more cold showers or waiting for a technician. At Feenstra, data from thousands of boilers is collected and analysed so that defects can be predicted very accurately. Users receive an e-mail a few days in advance with an instructional video, for example on how to refill water to prevent a breakdown.


Want to see what’s happening ‘inside’ a machine using special glasses? Meet the Microsoft HoloLens. Holograms transform augmented analytics into a reality on the shop floor, allowing you, for example, to see production figures for each machine in real time and to receive automatic notifications of any incidents in the process.

A flying start with IoT

Getting started with IoT may not be as simple as downloading an app or activating a subscription in the cloud, but depending on the exact use case, we can deploy a number of standard products and services as building blocks. This helps your project get off to a flying start and create value in a short period of time.

Managed Cloud

An important starting point for any IoT initiative is the central cloud environment where all data is stored. And since, over time, we are talking about huge amounts of data, we have specific ready-to-go configurations based on Azure IoT available for IoT where it comes to computing power, performance, and storage capacity.

Underlined CX platform

Data from IoT can often be used to improve the Customer Experience. Particularly when this data is intelligently combined with existing data from other systems, AI can be used to create the ‘next best action’ or the ‘next best offer’.


Microsoft’s Dynamics365 Apps contribute to the optimization of business processes focused on, for example, Field Service, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Combining this with the IoT creates new opportunities to simplify business processes and improve the customer experience.

Managed Security

Protecting systems is becoming increasingly important. We have developed a service specifically for IoT contexts where large amounts of (user) data is stored that continuously monitors and optimizes security.

DOTS Predictive Services

Our prediction models based on machine learning help us better predict maintenance work on equipment and potential failures based on collected IoT data. The result? An improved customer experience and lower operational costs.

Power Platform

The low-code/no-code Power Platform can be used to perform automated processes based on data from IoT, for example when exceeding a certain threshold. This can be applied directly to the work process via a PowerApp.

Managed Back-up & Recovery

When the data connected to an IoT case is of great value, it is vital that you organize the back-up and recovery of that data well in advance. This way, you can always revert to a backed-up version if necessary.

Underlined Process Mining

When IoT is deployed in a production or service process or, for example, in a logistics chain, our standard Process Mining tools can help to quickly gain insights and remove bottlenecks.

Connect Plus

You can create the most value by combining IoT data with data from other applications and (public) data sources. Connect Plus Integration Services is an Azure-based service bus that enables these links to be implemented and managed quickly and easily.

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