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Taking customer experience to the next level

Organizations are increasingly turning their attention to creating good customer experiences. And not just because consumers have become more demanding and empowered. It is also becoming increasingly clear that positive consumer experiences are also beneficial to the organization itself. After all, it’s cheaper to retain customers than to keep attracting new ones. On top of that, loyal customers spend more and are free word-of-mouth advertising. So, improving the customer experience isn’t just something you do for the customer. You also do it for yourself.

Start creating a customer experience

It all starts with putting the customer first. If you want to get started with customer experience (CX), you first need to map out the customer journey, analyse customer needs, and then set up the organization in such a way that you can exceed customer expectations.

Once you start, you will soon run into a number of challenges – usually in the ‘mapping the customer journey’ stage. Because most organizations don’t have just one customer, but thousands. These customers all have different customer journeys and different needs.

Fortunately, advancements in technology allow us to get to know our customers better and better and offer them more personalized experiences. This is precisely why technology, data, and customer experience are so inextricably linked.

Customer Experience - aan de slag met Broad Horizon

Data-driven Customer Experience

If you are serious about boosting customer satisfaction, you will have to start engaging in data-driven customer interaction. The following aspects are crucial here:

The first step is to collect all customer interaction data from various sources. This data then needs to be organized and bundled. The key is to have one source where all data comes together.

This data can then be converted into information and insights – either using analytics applications or simple rules. All the available information can be a trigger to undertake certain actions.

You can then use the insights and information about the customer to develop a personal message, the subject matter and style of which perfectly matches the customer’s needs.

The next challenge is to communicate the message at exactly the right time and through the right channel. Regardless of which channel you use to interact with the customer, all contact points should be aligned with each other.

Each contact with the customer serves as input for future contact moments, so that you can increase the relevance for the customer. Contact moments can also be used as input for higher-level analyses.

Datagedreven Customer Experience

Continuous Journey

Customer experience is not a project with a clear start and end point; because with each new customer contact, you gain valuable information that you can use to be even more relevant to the customer in the future. But customer needs can also change on a larger scale, to which you can respond as an organization. Customer experience is an ongoing process in which improvements are made continuously. Here at Broad Horizon, we help our customers to lead, innovate, and continuously improve. We call this the Continuous Journey.

Customer Experience in practice

Technological developments open up countless opportunities for useful customer experience applications. Here are a few examples.

Customer stories


At Feenstra, data from thousands of boilers is collected and analysed so that defects can be predicted very accurately and customers can be contacted in advance. This means that customers can always enjoy a hot shower and Feenstra can create predictable schedules for its technicians.


DELA wanted to communicate with its customers in a more customer-friendly and effective way, conveying the right message through the right channel. Cmotions helped DELA to set up a multi-channel next-best-action system so that it could improve all communications with its customers and increase the impact of customer contact.

Building blocks

Conversational AI-modules

Met de Underlined Conversational AI-module worden klantgesprekken omgezet tot inzichten. Zo krijg je grip op klantrelaties met data gedreven besluitvorming, inzichten en personalisatie van klantinteracties.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 brengt alle onderdelen van de organisatie samen in één solide system of record. Dynamics 365 bestaat uit intelligente oplossingen op het gebied van Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, HR, Commerce, Supply Chain en Finance.

Managed Cloud

Bij het gebruiken van grote hoeveelheden data en de toepassing in real-time voorspelmodellen, is een goede cloud infrastructuur van belang die de flexibiliteit biedt om snel op- en af te schalen op basis van actueel gebruik.

CX Insights Framework

Het CX Insights Framework maakt de drivers inzichtelijk die bewezen impact hebben op klant- en bedrijfswaarde. Klantinteracties worden afgezet tegen de gehele ervaring van een klant en de waarde voor de organisatie.

Customer Insights

Met Dynamics 365 Customer Insights komen klantgegevens uit verschillende interne én externe bronnen en systemen samen om één compleet en uniek beeld van de klant te creëren. Zo creëer je een 360 graden beeld van de wensen en behoeften van je klanten.

Managed Security

Wanneer grote hoeveelheden data worden opgeslagen, is het evident dat de beveiliging hiervan goed geregeld moet zijn. Met dit abonnement houden we dit structureel in de gaten en informeren we je pro-actief wanneer potentiële kwetsbaarheden ontstaan.

Target to data

Met de Target-to-Data aanpak slaan we een brug tussen de strategische organisatiedoelstellingen aan de ene kant en de implicaties voor datamanagement en technologie aan de andere kant.

Connect Plus

Bij het samenbrengen van data uit verschillende systemen, is het van belang overzicht en stabiliteit te behouden. Connect Plus is een centrale hub die gegevensuitwisseling vereenvoudigt en complexiteit tussen diverse interfaces voorkomt.


De hoeveelheid- en het belang van data neemt toe. Zorg daarom dat je data altijd veilig en beschikbaar is. Met Data Management as a Service beheren en beschermen onze data management professionals jouw kostbare bedrijfsdata

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