The Target-To-Data model establishes the relationship between data, insights, applications and organisational goals. It provides guidance and is the starting point for more data-driven work.

What are the challenges

Many organisations want to give direction and purpose to the use of data, analysis and marketing automation initiatives. They want an unambiguous picture of assumed and demonstrable links between goals, drivers and resource deployment. On this basis, they can set the right priorities and steer the deployment of resources and results.

What are the solutions

The Target-To-Data model is a layered and integrated model, in which the relationship is made between data and insights, the application and how this contributes to organisational goals. We look at the internal situation and the external context of the organisation. Together with your organisation, we develop a picture of the business and client objectives and translate these into concrete indicators and time. On the basis of this, we map out which factors

Influence the achievement of these goals and what channels and means we can use to move these factors forward. On the basis of what is needed to use these resources more intelligently, we determine the desired insights and translate these into a data requirement. The Target-To-Dat model provides insight into which goals are optimised from data and insight. Based on this, the data strategy can be visualised and serves as a blueprint for steering and integrated management dashboards.

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