Support Desk

As a service organization, we are ready to support you on a daily basis with optimal availability and with the use of the company critical application(s). We offer you the extra care that this requires. From advice and development, to migration and management.

How can we help you?

Broad Horizon Solutions

Via the Self Service Portal, you – as authorised contact person – can request various forms of service services online from us and follow their processing.

Whether it concerns a malfunction, a change request, extra support or a pressing question: our motivated and experienced staff will deal with your request, taking into account the agreements we have made with your organisation.

Go to the Self Service Portal of Broad Horizon Solutions.

Phone number: 088 058 02 34

Remote support via TeamViewer

Incidents happen. And sometimes just a little more is needed to quickly identify your problem or question. We then use TeamViewer™ to provide you with immediate remote support. So a visit to your location is not necessary.

We use TeamViewer™ to securely connect to your computer and watch with you. And whether we need to install software, tell you where to click, set up applications, we are quickly able to help you remotely.


How does it work?

1. Click on TeamViewer (Windows) of TeamViewer (Mac)
2. Choose before: “Run file”.
3. The program will then be downloaded
4. A screen appears with an ID and a Password.
5. Give this information to our staff so that the control of your screen can be taken over.

In consultation with you, we can make any adjustments or send files back and forth. At the end of the session, close the window after which the connection will be disconnected. Remote access is only possible when the window is open.

By the way, you can also start the TeamViewer application from the Self Service Portal.

TeamViewer™ is a product of TeamViewer GmbH.

Do you have a question?

Contact one
of our support lines:

Broad Horizon Solutions:
088 058 02 34

085 401 34 34

0800 235 87 83

Pink Elephant:
088 235 66 55

0499 58 28 26

073 303 02 90