Security Audit

With the security audit we periodically scan your web applications for common security problems.

What are the challenges

Organizations want to have continuous insight into the security of their projects. To this end, security risks need to be identified.

What are the solutions

The security audit consists of a broad mix of automated scans, online research into vulnerabilities within the organisation and manual attempts to break into systems and environments. The audits are carried out by security engineers with a great deal of technical knowledge and practical experience, including ethical hacking. After the audit, your organisation will receive a research report. The results of the audit are carefully interpreted by the researcher, are provided with a risk profile and recorded in a report in which we also discuss vulnerabilities, risk analyses and recommendations. After some time, we check in a rescan whether the leaks found have been closed. If the leaks have not yet been closed during a rescan, we contact you to report this.

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