Modern learning tools based on 3D video, VR, MR

With Covince as management environment, our IP to link Aryzon glasses to the Hololens and our knowledge of Unity, this is a unique platform to facilitate education with modern learning tools (Mobil/Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality).

What are the challenges

Educational institutions want to create and distribute learning materials on the basis of as little customised material as possible, allow students/pupils to work together in a virtual environment and achieve the highest possible learning efficiency in the process. Insight into progress is necessary in order to create up-to-date reports. Personal learning materials and personal development paths are becoming increasingly important, as is the reuse, sharing and sale of learning materials.

What are the solutions

A digital (subscription-based) learning platform on which content runs in the cloud, making it possible to offer digital learning materials on a personal basis and to access them via various screens. The platform provides insight into progress for both students and instructors. This makes it possible to make learning materials manageable. The platform seamlessly stimulates learning with smartphone, laptop, virtual or improved glasses, anytime and anywhere.  The platform, based on scientific research and universal brain principles, is aimed at accelerating the learning and development of the individual on the basis of personalised aspects (strengths and weaknesses) goals, measurements, content, theory and practice.

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