The Microsoft Power Platform is a ‘layer’ on top of all data with which all employees (regardless of their developed or undeveloped technical talents) can easily work.

This system enables users to carry out three main actions in terms of the data that helps them do their job: analyse, act and automate. This is done using applications such as Power BI, PowerApps and Flow. These applications work together, on top of your data.

Parts power platform


PowerApps is an “application development platform for everyone”, allowing anyone to build web and mobile apps without having to write code. The connection between Power BI and PowerApps provides insight for supply chain employees, sales staff, mechanics and others on the shop floor. This is done in customised and often task-specific apps that increase employee productivity. 


Flow is an intelligent process automation service that goes beyond simple task automation. It enables non-technical users to automate complex business processes and workflows. Through a simple and intuitive interface, users create automated workflows that can be activated for Power BI insights and actions to be performed in an app built with PowerApps.

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