Microsoft Power Platform

Build business applications faster without complicated programming

Microsoft’s Power Platform makes developing low-code and no-code applications faster and easier. Broad Horizon can help you develop, integrate, and test applications within your current application landscape eight to ten times faster.

No complicated programming
Test and validate ideas faster
Convenient and fast automation
Data-driven insights
Combine with Microsoft apps

Microsoft Power Platform

To stay ahead, rapid innovation is the name of the game. Business applications play an important role in this since they automate or accelerate certain processes. Although there is a wide range of business applications on the market, your organization may have specific requirements that the supplier is unable to meet. In such cases, the Microsoft Power Platform can offer a solution.

Microsoft’s Power Platform comprises a number of applications that simplify the extraction of data from different source systems (such as CRM or ERP), which can then be used to create no-code and low-code applications. Examples include business analytics dashboard with PowerBI, automation with Power Automate, chatbots with Power Virtual Agents, and mobile and web applications with Power Apps.

Canvas Microsoft PowerApps
Power BI

Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and more

The Microsoft Power Platform integrates seamlessly with existing applications and data from Microsoft. That’s because the applications use the same data model, data connectors such as the Common Data Service (CDS). The Power Platform also includes an AI builder that allows you to integrate artificial intelligence into your low-code/no-code business apps. You can use the AI builder to classify data, recognize objects, or automate repetitive tasks, for example.

Power BI

What can you do with the Microsoft Power Platform?

Simpler prototyping

You can quickly build a mobile application, web portal, or chatbot with no or minimal programming. No-code or low-code.

Test business ideas faster

Developing applications with existing Microsoft data is easy. This allows you to more quickly validate whether a business idea is worthwhile.

Automate repetitive tasks

For repetitive tasks within CRM and ERP systems, you can automate workflows that are easy to click together.

Visualize data from multiple sources

Visualize data from a variety of organizational sources and uncover valuable insights that can be strategically and operationally important.

Add artificial intelligence

The Microsoft Power Platform works seamlessly with various AI applications from Microsoft. Apps become self-learning and smarter with the AI builder.

Integrate with existing applications

Power Platform works well with the rest of the Microsoft landscape because it uses the same data connectors and data model (Common Data Service). This speeds up the integration process.

Power Virtual Agent for Wundermart

Five days, five team members, no developers, and one joint mission: how can we make Wundermart’s unmanned, autonomous stores personal and interactive? As part of an innovative co-creation project, we joined forces with Wundermart to develop an initial prototype for Wundy: the intelligent virtual shopping assistant that even gives discounts in exchange for a smile.

wundermart logo

The Microsoft Power Platform includes:

Power BI -
Power BI

A dashboard tool that allows you to combine all relevant data from the Microsoft stack with other relevant data. Power BI helps you to pull together data from different layers and systems of your organization, simplifying the business analysis process.

Power Apps - Power Platform
Power Apps

Powered by data from source systems such as ERPs or CRMs, low-coders / no-coders can rapidly create a mobile application or web portal for internal use.

Power Automate - Microsoft Power Platform
Power Automate

Power Automate offers a solution for common processes that involve a lot of manual tasks.

Virtual Agent - Microsoft Power Platform
Power VirtualAgent

A no-code tool that allows you to quickly build a virtual assistant. An easy way to create a chatbot, which you can then feed with data from your ERP or CRM system.

Thanks to the Power Platform, our field staff can enter orders quickly and easily, on-site at the customer’s premises. This significantly reduces the administrative burden, without requiring major adjustments to our current back-office systems.


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Register for Broad Horizon’s Power Platform in a Day’ workshop.

In this workshop, we explain the basics of the Power Platform and how these tools integrate with the current Microsoft landscape. We also present several inspiring practical examples of possible applications.

After a thorough introduction, we will then  set to work using one of the Microsoft Power Platform components in a pressure cooker. So that you have the opportunity to find out for yourself whether the platform is the right way forward for you. 

We will contact you to discuss  the organization and structure of the workshop.

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