Managed Wifi

We facilitate access to wireless internet work within the client’s office environment; with device, design, a location check, implementation and proactive management of the WIFI service.

What are the challenges

More and more employees want a modern, flexible workplace. High-quality WiFi in an office is a prerequisite for modern flexplaces for employees. Guests and externals must also be able to be optimally productive thanks to a WiFi network that is also of high quality for them.

What are the solutions

True Workspace Maastricht provides a full Managed Wi-Fi solution (WLAN) based on Aruba Central (cloud solution) and an unmanaged Wi-Fi solution. The managed Wi-Fi is a solution where your organisation no longer has full access to your own hardware and associated software. We take responsibility for the periodic management of the Wi-Fi environment. Relevant employees can make use of the new facilities, where security, stability and speed are important principles. In the event of calamities, the organisation must be able to make use of the professional support provided by True Workspace Maastricht’s support desk. The Aruba Access Points are delivered on the basis of a cloud-based solution.

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