Managed Services for Dynamics 365

Work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement for functional administrators, key users and end users through proactive and reactive support from Customer Care.

What are the challenges

Customers face multiple challenges when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement:

  • Customers often have limited internal capacity to support end users. As a result, functional administrators often have insufficient knowledge to be able to answer all questions and solve problems.
  • The Dynamics 365 platform has expanded very rapidly in recent years. As a result, investigating problems has become a time-consuming task for a customer.
  • The expectations of end users have only grown. End users expect an always working application and an immediate answer when something doesn’t work. A customer’s internal support department is often not able to provide this on its own.
  • Microsoft continuously makes (small) adjustments to the platform. As a result, functions within the system can change and the operation of customisation can also change. This may not affect the processes of the organisation.

What are the solutions

A full-service approach, in which customers can call on expertise via a helpdesk (Customer Care) even after the implementation of the software. Customer Care is responsible for the ‘wellbeing’ of customer environments after the completion of a project.
As a result, problems are solved quickly, systems and customisation are proactively monitored, your organisation receives regular updates on new developments and there is frequent contact with the most important stakeholders. This solution makes it easy to guarantee the quality of your current solution.

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