Managed Security

Human actions and software that secure business applications, large websites, web applications or e-commerce environments online. This service can only be purchased if someone is already a customer of True (via a Managed Private Cloud).

What are the challenges

Hackers are getting smarter, attacks are becoming more and more complex and are often automated. As a result, almost every company can be confronted with cybercrime.

What are the solutions

Managed Security is a collection of services, human interpretations and intelligent software.

Our Security services

Security Audit

With a Security Audit, one of the security specialists investigates where the vulnerabilities are in a business application, web application or e-commerce environment. A collection of all vulnerabilities is reported and scored, demonstrating the severity of the leak. The report also makes recommendations. A security audit always takes place in phases. After a number of months, all recommendations are (randomly) assessed.

Advanced Security Platform

True’s Advanced Security Platform (ASP) is software for the online security of web applications, business applications and e-commerce environments. The platform protects against common hacking attacks and DDoS attacks. The software is placed within the client’s Private Cloud, so that the application is well protected. Among other things, the platform can be used to set up which traffic is allowed to enter.

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