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Whether you are a large, middle-sized, or smaller retailer, you naturally want to use an application platform which is as complete as possible so that you can manage your business affairs in the most efficient way. Broad Horizon understands Retail like few others do. With Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (D365 F&O) and LS Central (based on D365 Business Central), Broad Horizon offers appropriate solutions for large and small businesses.

LS Central is an ERP solution that integrates all common Retail processes and data into a single central system. As a result, you can easily create an overall picture of your customers and, as a retailer, you can better serve your customers and create loyal returning customers. The solution was developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by LS Retail, a leading global supplier of business management software for large and small retailers. Together with this, we offer you the best ERP solution.

LS Retail
LS Retail
LS Central - LS Retail

Benefits of this solution

Empower your staff

By streamlining all processes, having a good understanding of the customer well and helping them, the number of complaints and returns goes down. Your employees will save time and can better focus on what really matters: the customer.

As everyone uses the same system and information, your employees can find information faster and can be more flexibly deployed. This makes for greater efficiency and increased productivity.

LS Central - LS Retail

Reduce risks

Thanks to our retail solution, entering the same thing into different systems is no longer necessary. In addition to saving a lot of time, the margin for error is much lower because you only have to enter something into the system once.

An additional advantage is that you are always looking at the business in real time when using an integrated system. From inventories to sales and profits; these are insights that are indispensable to quickly respond to unforeseen situations in today’s world. The real-time data allows you to measure and analyse your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) much better with the associated reporting and BI (Business Intelligence) tools.

Inspire your customers

For retailers such as yourself, it is important to know who your customers are and respond accordingly. For example, by building a good profile and working with one system, you have a customer’s data available anytime, anywhere. Based on that profile you can tailor promotional offers, loyalty programs, communications, and – this is no small thing – deliveries and returns. Do you want to ship to a home address and handle returns instore? Or perhaps the other way around? This is also easy to arrange.

Thanks to built-in Machine Learning (ML) – a form of artificial intelligence (AI) – and chat bots, you can help your customers in a variety of smart ways, without the need for human intervention. For example, you can offer personalized product recommendations at the Point-of-Sale (POS). You can also let your customers ask put questions to an online chat bot to quickly find the right product.

Run your business from anywhere in the world

As a rule, you must import products and you may have local branches in different countries. This means that there are other legal and tax law rules you must comply with. LS Central can handle that just fine, too: it’s easy to configure and deploy centrally.

Because everything is in one system, you always have a real-time overview of all your branches from your headquarters. You can also centrally manage prices, items, campaigns, and promotional offers. This is efficient, professional, and gives you absolute control over your retail business.

Always up to date in the cloud

LS Central works on location, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. By choosing the cloud environment, you will always be working with the latest, up-to-date software and you can always use the latest functionalities. In addition, the ERP vendor rather than your IT team takes care of software hosting, security management, data backups, and updates. This makes your life easier in the best way, so that you can focus on your primary processes. This retail solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is therefore hosted in the in the highly secure, intelligent Microsoft cloud. As a result, the solution benefits from all the investments Microsoft has made in its cloud development.

Integrate your business from the front end to the back end

Monitor all business processes including e-commerce sales, physical stores (POS) and franchises, CRM, replenishment, distribution, and financial accounting in one system.

Integrate sales channels

Centrally combine all sales channels (omni-channel) and manage price, products, campaigns, and promotional offers for all physical locations, e-commerce, and m-commerce sites.

Integrate more insight

Get a comprehensive view of your business and a 360-degree view of all your customers by maintaining your key business information in one central solution.

Integrate your brand

Manage all your retail within your enterprise with one solution with deep industry functionality.




Migration to the cloud

Would you like to know more about working in the cloud? Or do you want to migrate your business to the cloud, but want a better idea of how an implementation to a cloud-based ERP goes? Then download the free e-book ‘Migratie naar de cloud’ (Migrating to the Cloud). In this e-book, written by LS Retail, we give you seven important tips to make your project a success.

Business Central - Dynamics 365

Why Broad Horizon?

Broad Horizon has many years of experience in implementing all Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. We also have in-depth knowledge of supportive Microsoft tools such as the Power Platform, Microsoft workplaces and Azure. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have a close relationship with Microsoft and are at the forefront of new developments.

Broad Horizon combines specialist knowledge in the fields of business applications, the workplaces and data science. We look beyond a single area of expertise, and offer our customers a holistic vision on IT. This means we can help your business to keep innovating, so that you are always one step ahead of the competition. We are also on-hand to help after implementation. Thanks to our high-quality support, which is geared towards making your life easier, helping you improve, and securing your business processes, you can always count on getting the best out of our software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 :Business Central

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