Webhosting (managed)

Hosting and proactive management of web environments for websites, portals, shops and web applications. This includes the advice, design, implementation and proactive management of infrastructure, network, servers and middleware software.

What are the challenges

Organizations are faced with the challenge of having all online activities developed, changes made, maintained and hosted at the lowest possible price. Optimising a web environment themselves slows down the speed with which developers deliver and further develop web services. The speed of applications and websites is important to optimize the user experience, to support the productivity of your employees and to get as high as possible in the search results.

what are the solutions

True takes responsibility for all consultancy, design and implementation of custom web environments and active monitoring and pro-active management of middleware and backup infrastructure, performance and capacity. By leaving more tasks to our dedicated system and software specialists, your organisation will have the room to grow faster. With managed web hosting, the functional management of your web, CMS or e-commerce application becomes your sole concern.

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