Hosted Navision

Functional and technical management of NaV for your organisation.

What are the challenges

Many organizations have a separate supplier for NaV’s technical matters and another supplier who takes care of the functional side. Managing both parties takes a lot of time and can often lead to errors.

What are the solutions

Because we have our own NaV platform, we can get your users up and running quickly. Technical and functional changes can be made quickly and tailored to your needs.

Hosted Dynamics NAV 2016 provides hosting for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 software package, which gives organisations control over finances and simplifies supply, production and business operations. Hosted Dynamics NAV 2016 gives full access to NaV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is quick to implement and easy to use. Through a so-called ‘3-tier application’, Dynamics NAV can be used exclusively via the cloud.

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