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Extended Banking automatically processes digital bank statements within the trusted environment of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Transactions are read in, analysed, and processed automatically. Transactions are read in and processed – without any manual intervention – efficiently and accurately, resulting in increased productivity and substantial time savings for your financial administration. The user only needs to pay attention to the anomalous transactions, which are clearly visualized.

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What is Extended Banking?

Extended Banking provides additional functionality integrated into the financial package of Microsoft Dynamics 365, giving users a number of extra options in their dashboard. This results in a small learning curve and high user acceptance. Extended Banking imports digital bank statements in the common standard formats MT940 and CAMT.053, but if required Broad Horizon can create a plug-in for other file formats.

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After importing a bank statement, the bank is immediately booked, with all transactions placed in a suspense account. Then each transaction is analysed based on flexibly configurable search values and automatically assigned to customer, supplier, or general ledger where possible. By means of adjustable colours, it is immediately clear to the user which transactions could be automatically assigned and which transactions still need attention so that they can be processed further manually. A number of types of search values can be set up to ensure automatic matching is as efficient as possible.

Lastly, after manually assigned transactions are also assigned to the correct destination, a match journal is created, which assigns the transactions from the suspense account to the final destination.

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Because we want to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, we use the IT solution for member organisations of Microsoft Dynamics.”

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Twan Willems


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Benefits of Extended banking

Great user acceptance

Because Extended Banking is integrated into Dynamics 365, users do not have to learn how to use a new program. This means that acceptance is high and the learning curve is small.

Fewer errors

Processing bank transactions manually is monotonous and repetitive, but at the same time very precise work. Therefore, the likelihood of errors is high. Extended Banking automates the processing of repetitive transactions and therefore minimizes the amount of transactions requiring manual processing. As a result, the processing is more diligent and this reduces errors.

Automatic processing

Extended Banking provides the ability to perform all processing steps as batches. This further automates the entirety of processing bank statements: you then only have to set up the steps once and then the system takes care of the processing.

Connection to the same source data

Extended Banking is integrated into Dynamics 365’s standard financial functions, so that Extended Banking processed mutations can be seen immediately in the source data.

Instant insight

When a digital bank statement is read in, you can immediately see how many transactions have been processed automatically and which ones still need to be checked or processed manually.

Reliability Indicator

By using adjustable colours and scores, you control how transactions are qualified by the matching process. This allows the user to see at a glance which transactions can be processed automatically without manual intervention and which transactions still need to be checked.

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Extended Banking




More control over payment transactions

Streamline all your payments with Extended Banking. Transactions are read in and processed automatically. Transactions are read in and processed – without any manual intervention – efficiently and accurately, resulting in increased productivity and substantial time savings for your financial administration. You can read more about this in our Extended Banking brochure.

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Why Broad Horizon?

Broad Horizon has many years of experience in implementing all Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. We also have in-depth knowledge of supportive Microsoft tools such as the Power Platform, Microsoft workplaces and Azure. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have a close relationship with Microsoft and are at the forefront of new developments.

Broad Horizon combines specialist knowledge in the fields of business applications, the workplaces and data science. We look beyond a single area of expertise, and offer our customers a holistic vision on IT. This means we can help your business to keep innovating, so that you are always one step ahead of the competition. We are also on-hand to help after implementation. Thanks to our high-quality support, which is geared towards making your life easier, helping you improve, and securing your business processes, you can always count on getting the best out of Dynamics 365.

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