EducationHUB Syncservice

EducationHUB Syncservice is a 100% web application (Software as a Service) for the IT department at educational intstitutions. With the tool the IT department is  able to automatically synchronize students, employees and groups in educational systems (LAS, SIS, schedules, HRM) with the Microsoft 365 platform.

Unburding hybrid learning with teams

  • Make new Teams easy, fast and automatically
  • Synchronize with student administration system
  • No scripting, 100% cloud based
  • Use Microsoft 365 as central identity provider2
  • Start within a few hours instead of days of work

Watch the video and listen what our customers think about EducationHUB Syncersvice (video is in Dutch):

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De whitepaper is only in Dutch language.

About the EducationHUB Syncservice

The challenge

A lot of educational institutions embrace Microsoft 365 and every tools within it that are included, like Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams helps educational institutions take class to the digital era. Think about centralized storage for lessons materials. However, it can be quite the challenge to manage Teams when you have hundreds or thousands of students and varying lessons, teams and documents.

What’s also time consuming is that IT administrators have to make changings often manually. The Syncservice saves you time by connecting the sourcesystems to the School Data Sync structure and so still using the advantages of SDS, for example 3th party App suppliers can plugin into SDS for using the schoolstructure in their app.

Teachers have to wait until groups are organized because the manually changes take to long. That’s where EducationHUB Syncservice comes in. A 100% cloud based synchronisation tool for Microsoft Teams.

The solution

The EducationHUB Syncservice is a synchronisation tool for IT administrators which helps to automatically  users and groups in the right teams. The tool integrates with the tools the educational systems already uses. Think about software for schedules, LAS-, SIS- and HRM-systems.

The result

Teacher in control:

New student and not already in the team? No problem. As a teacher you’re in control. You can add a new student tot the team in a quick an intuitive way. No administrative hassle.

Save time:

The  Syncservice just saves time and stays updated on the developments of School Data Sync/MS365 platform.


The sync process should be as automated as possible. That’s why we build a couple of control steps . This way, the IT department can rest assured that false groups don’t find their way into MS365 and so real schoollife is mirrored in the digital environment.


The Syncservice feeds the Microsoft 365 platform and School Data Sync in a very handy way. This is why the Syncservice is facilitating MS 365 as a central identity provider for secure and flexible access. No need of ‘classic IDM solutions’ anymore. So the combination of the  EducationHUB Syncservice, MS365 (Azure) and Microsoft Intune is an absolute powerhouse.


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