EducationHUB Syncservice is a 100% web-based application (Software as a Service) that allows IT departments at educational institutions to automatically synchronize students, employees, and groups from source systems used in the education sector (LAS, SIS, Rooster, HRM) with the Microsoft 365 platform on a daily basis.

Gemakkelijk en snel automatisch Teams aanmaken

Easily and quickly create Teams automatically

Gesynchroniseerd met het student administratiesysteem

Synchronized with the student administration system

Geen scripting, 100% cloud-based
No code

No scripting, 100% cloud-based

Educationhuib Syncservice - Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365

Use Microsoft 365 as a central identity provider

Snel - Educationhub Syncservice

Tasks that used to take days can now be done in a matter of hours


The EducationHUB Syncservice is essentially a technical tool for IT departments. It ensures that students, pupils, and employees are synchronized in the Microsoft 365 Platform.

Watch the video to find out what our customers think about the EducationHUB Syncservice.

EducationHUB Syncservice

The challenge

More and more educational institutions are embracing Microsoft 365 and the many useful tools it includes, such as Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is also used to support online teaching, such as for storing lesson material centrally or scheduling online classes.

However, managing Teams can quickly become a major chore if your institution has hundreds, if not thousands, of students, each of whom have different classes, are in different teams, and use different documents.

IT administrators also spend a lot of time manually adding users and groups. They often use the School Data Sync application, which still requires them to populate it with source data from LAS/SIS.

And lecturers and teachers often have to wait until the groups have been organized, because adding them manually is often a time-consuming process. The EducationHUB Syncservice changes all that, as it runs completely in the cloud and is always up to date.

The solution

The EducationHUB Syncservice is a synchronization tool for IT coordinators and IT staff; it accelerates and automates the process of adding users and groups to the right teams.

The tool draws on existing systems that your educational institution already uses, for example, software for timetables, LAS, SIS, or HRM systems, and connects to School Data Sync in the Microsoft 365 platform.

Educationhub - syncservcie

The result

Teaching staff in control

If a student turns up to a class and they have not yet been added to the digital team, the teacher can add them themselves. This means that the student can take part straight away; they don’t have to wait for administrative processes to be completed.

Time savings

The Syncservice automates the creation and synchronization of Teams and users, which reduces the IT department’s workload.

IT in control

Although the synchronization process is intended to be automated as much as possible, the Syncservice has built-in checkpoints so that the IT department can prevent incorrect groups from ending up in source systems.


The Syncservice supplies information to the Microsoft 365 platform and School Data Sync in a smart way. This means that the MS365 platform can be used as a central identity provider for the secure and flexible implementation of cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IDM/IAM). It also simplifies workplace management for the IT department with Microsoft Intune (100% cloud-based).

Workplace management takes place entirely in the cloud, and students have also been using personal devices for some time. Microsoft 365 and Teams form the central learning environment. For example, each year and class has its own Teams environment, with a teacher as the owner.

EducationHub Syncservice

Fons Vitae Lyceum

Education in Sync – Round Table session

Make life easier for your IT and teaching staff when it comes to online education

Do you (or your educational institution) need help automatically generating and synchronizing Microsoft Teams based on your Pupil/Student Administration System? Then it’s time to have a chat with Broad Horizon and the Fons Vitae Lyceum.


Whitepaper “Education in Sync”

What is it? And what does it do? In this white paper, we tell you everything you need to know about the EducationHUB Syncservice. We explain how it works and what it can do for your educational institution. We also share more information about the ins and outs of this Syncservice.


Request a demo

If, after reading about the EducationHUB Syncservice, you are keen to start using it yourself, you don’t have to wait until the end of the school year. The Syncservice can be set up in your existing Microsoft Teams environment at any time. We will show you how it can benefit your educational institution.

An interview about the main developments in education in 2020 – of which there were many. The past year provided an opportunity to switch entirely to digital education for the first time, about which – through a process of trial and error – we have learned a lot. We also talk about the EducationHUB Syncservice.

Interview - Educationhub Syncservice

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