Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is the CRM tool within the Dynamics 365 platform. Improve the productivity of Sales teams, build strong customer relationships, and make data-driven decisions based on smart analytics applications.

Broad Horizon has many years of experience in implementing Dynamics 365 solutions and actively contributes to the success of your organization.

Business Applications - Microsoft dynamics 365
Central insight

Eliminate data silos and consolidate all sales data

360-degree view

Follow the entire customer journey across all channels

datagedreven, persoonlijk en intuïtief
Data-driven sales

Data-driven sales with smart analytics and AI applications

Efficient processes

Streamline and automate sales processes

High-quality coaching

Proactive and data-driven coaching of Sales teams

What is Dynamics 365 Sales?

Dynamics 365 Sales is the CRM application within the Dynamics 365 platform. It offers salespeople everything they need to build successful customer relationships. It  connects seamlessly with tools that your Sales teams already use, such as LinkedIn and Outlook, which means they can save information from e-mails directly in Dynamics. Salespeople can even receive call suggestions based on e-mail exchanges in Outlook.

Thanks to data and AI applications in Dynamics 365 Sales – from lead scores and best-next-offer analyses to opportunity scoring, salespeople are able to spend less time on finding sales opportunities and more time on negotiating deals.

The benefits really start to add up if you also use other Dynamics 365 applications. All departments have access to the same information and can follow the entire customer journey.


Dynamics 365 Platform

With Dynamics 365, everyone in the organization uses the same information. If a customer downloads a product brochure or submits a question to customer service, everyone is kept in the loop. This improves cooperation between departments and helps Sales teams to respond more effectively.

Smart analytics and AI applications

Dynamics 365 Sales includes smart analytics and AI applications, such as automatically generated best-next-offer analyses and opportunity scoring. Salespeople are able to spend less time on finding sales opportunities and more time on negotiating deals.

Everything in one place

Dynamics 365 Sales connects seamlessly with frequently used tools such as LinkedIn, Outlook, and Teams. So you can find all customer contact information in one central place. Salespeople can even receive personalized call suggestions based on e-mail traffic in Outlook.

Playbook templates

Dynamics 365 Sales allows managers to create playbook templates for common scenarios, such as when a decision-maker no longer works for a client or when a contract is about to expire. Account managers then receive tasks automatically when these events occur.

Real-time KPIs and dashboards

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you have access to information about the results of your Sales teams – anytime, anywhere. You can view the results per salesperson, customer group, product, and more. Use real-time KPIs and dashboards to track performance and improve the effectiveness of sales campaigns.

Power Platform

he Power Platform consists of a series of no-code and low-code solutions that facilitate the building of applications and the automation of processes – without the need for any programming. The Power Platform can be linked to Dynamics 365, as well as to other applications, using standard connectors. So connecting your own or legacy apps to your Dynamics environment is a relatively simple process. The upside of this is that you can keep the Dynamics solution as standard as possible, which helps to reduce complexity and minimize costs associated with software updates.

Why Broad Horizon?

Broad Horizon has many years of experience in implementing all Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. We also have in-depth knowledge of supportive Microsoft tools such as the Power Platform, Microsoft workplaces, and Azure. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have a close relationship with Microsoft and are at the forefront of new developments.

Broad Horizon combines specialist knowledge in the fields of business applications, the cloud, workplaces, and data science. We look beyond a single area of expertise and offer our customers a holistic vision on IT. This means we can help your business to keep innovating, so that you are always one step ahead of the competition. We are also on-hand to help after implementation. Thanks to our high-quality support, which is geared towards making your life easier, helping you improve, and securing your business processes, you can always count on getting the best out of Dynamics 365 Sales.

Growth isn’t a goal in itself, but we do want to keep getting better at what we do. That requires a high level of automation. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and that we can continue doing what we do.

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The power of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Sales is part of the Dynamics 365 platform. Broad Horizon is more than happy to advise you on which Dynamics 365 applications are best suited to your situation. Discover all the possibilities that Dynamics 365 has to offer here.

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