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Gain control of your processes with Dynamics 365. A set of intelligent cloud solutions that bring together all parts of the organization, providing a single, clear view of the business.

Broad Horizon has many years of experience in implementing Dynamics solutions and actively contributes to the success of your organization.

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Central insight

A single, clear view of the situation

Operational efficiency

Control of your business processes

datagedreven, persoonlijk en intuïtief
Data driven

Generate ongoing insights from data

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Altijd en overal veilig toegang

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What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 comprises a set of intelligent solutions for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, HR, Commerce, Supply Chain and Finance. Combining CRM and ERP functionalities and connecting all business units to just one data source creates a single, clear view of the situation. And thanks to this central insight, you have a better grip on both internal and external processes.

The various AI and analytics applications within Dynamics 365 generate smart insights and predictions, which organizations can then use to be proactive. Dynamics applications also facilitate the automation of manual tasks.
Dynamics applications work seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions, such as the Power Platform, Azure, and Microsoft Office. There is also a rich ecosystem of industry and function-specific add-ons. Which means that the standard solution generally fits the bill – without the need for costly customization.

Dynamics 365 applications

Microsoft has previous offered its Dynamics solutions under quite a few different names. Unified Operations (UO), Finance & Operations (F&O), and Customer Engagement (CE) are all terms that are no longer used today. The various solutions have been extracted from a comprehensive CRM or ERP package, and are now offered separately. So customers only pay for the modules they actually use.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

D365 Business Central (voorheen NAV) biedt kleine tot middelgrote bedrijven een intelligent platform met verscheidene ERP-functionaliteiten. Business Central is rijk aan functies en stelt je in staat om bedrijfsprocessen te optimaliseren, waaronder financiën, productie, verkoop, verzending, projectbeheer en services.

Dynamics 365 Sales

D365 Sales is dé tool voor verkopers. Beheer accounts en contacten, zet leads om tot orders, creëer verkoopmateriaal en maak marketinglijsten en campagnes. Neem snellere en beter onderbouwde beslissingen met realtime verkoopinzichten en uitbreidbare, schaalbare verkoopoplossingen.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

D365 Marketing is een marketing automation tool die organisaties helpt om maximale controle te krijgen over hun marketinginspanningen. Het stelt marketeers in staat om omnichannel campagnes samen te stellen en te automatiseren op basis van interactieve customer journeys.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Lever uitmuntende klantenservice met D365 Customer Service. Automatiseer selfservice met portalen, virtuele agents, maak gebruik van AI-gestuurde productiviteitstools, optimaliseer de service met praktische inzichten en voorzie medewerkers altijd van de juiste informatie.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Met D365 Field Service kun je optimale onsite service leveren bij de klant. De applicatie combineert workflow automatisering, planningsalgoritmen en mobiliteit. Zo zijn je mobiele medewerkers volledig uitgerust om de klant te ondersteunen op locatie.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

D365 Human Resources (voorheen Dynamics 365 Talent) is de tool voor zaken zoals personeelsadministratie, prestatiebeoordeling en training. Dynamics 365 Human Resourses stroomlijnt veel archiveringstaken en automatiseert verschillende personeelsprocessen.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

D365 Commerce (voorheen Dynamics 365 Retail) verzorgt een uitgebreide omnichannel-oplossing die backoffice, in-store, callcenter en digitale ervaringen verenigt. Biedt klanten een consistente en optimale winkelervaring via alle online en offline kanalen.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

D365 Supply Chain Management helpt organisaties om hun hele waardeketen in kaart te brengen en te stroomlijnen. Gebruik slimme IoT en AI-toepassingen voor planning, productie, voorraad, magazijn en transportbeheer.

Dynamics 365 Finance

D365 Finance helpt bij het automatiseren en moderniseren van financiële activiteiten. Bewaak de prestaties in realtime, voorspel toekomstige resultaten, automatiseer financiële processen, verlaag de operationele kosten en verminder de financiële complexiteit en risico's.

Discover 365 Customer Insights

D365 Customer Insights is een customer data platform waarmee je een 360 graden beeld van je klanten creëert. Customer Insights brengt klantgegevens uit verschillende interne én externe bronnen samen om één compleet en uniek beeld van de klant te genereren.

Power Platform

he Power Platform consists of a series of no-code and low-code solutions that facilitate the building of applications and the automation of processes – without the need for any programming. The Power Platform can be linked to Dynamics 365, as well as to other applications, using standard connectors. So connecting your own or legacy apps to your Dynamics environment is a relatively simple process. The upside of this is that you can keep the Dynamics solution as standard as possible, which helps to reduce complexity and minimize costs associated with software updates.

Business Central - Dynamics 365

Why Broad Horizon?

Broad Horizon has many years of experience in implementing all Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. We also have in-depth knowledge of supportive Microsoft tools such as the Power Platform, Microsoft workplaces and Azure. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have a close relationship with Microsoft and are at the forefront of new developments.

Broad Horizon combines specialist knowledge in the fields of business applications, the workplaces and data science. We look beyond a single area of expertise, and offer our customers a holistic vision on IT. This means we can help your business to keep innovating, so that you are always one step ahead of the competition. We are also on-hand to help after implementation. Thanks to our high-quality support, which is geared towards making your life easier, helping you improve, and securing your business processes, you can always count on getting the best out of Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 :Business Central


Broad Horizon supports customers in all segments, but we are particularly experienced in Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations in the Medical, Trade & Production, Publishing, and Retail segments. Within these markets, we offer a set of our own and external industry-specific add-ons.


In the healthcare sector, we primarily serve suppliers in and around healthcare. The market is dominated by small margins due to health insurance contracts and a focus on efficiency and economies of scale.

Medical Industrie - Broad Horizon
Trade &

Many manufacturing and trading companies are focused on optimizing stock availability, defining their assortment, monitoring margins and improving the predictability of the logistics process.

Trade & Production industrie bij Broad Horizon

The publishing industry has been struggling with digitization for years. The transition from print to digital is well and truly underway. The market is constantly shifting towards a more personalized customer experience.

Publishing industrie - Broad Horizon
Retail &

Retailers and fashion companies are no longer distinguishing themselves solely through their products and prices, but by shifting towards value creation and customer experience.

Retail & Fashion industrie bij Broad Horizon

Education is a tool for tapping into people’s potential. It helps us to discover our passions and our interests and to have confidence in ourselves.

Education - Broad Horizon

The financial sector revolves around trust, personalization, and customer experience. The industry is evolving rapidly, influenced by the digitalization of the sector and the transition to a sustainable society.

Finance industrie - Broad Horizon
Trade &
Retail &
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