We see that many organisations want to use data science effectively and efficiently. With DOTS, we help organisations achieve this by using products that incorporate a great deal of datascience knowledge and experience. This enables organizations to get more value from datascience and, moreover, to automate part of their routine datascience work.


With our datascience products, we apply algorithms to data and deliver applicable outcomes that enable your organisation to optimise decisions and processes.

DOTS (Datascience Off The Shelf) has been developed by the specialists of our company Cmotions to bring the data points in your organisation to life and create value from them. The products have been developed according to the privacy by design principle. The products are available in a secure environment. We are assisted in this by our company True, that specializes in the management of cloud environments.

What are the DOTS products?


DOTS Predictive Services is a service of our experts to build prediction models and help to anticipate future events and results based on the needs and data of organizations by making predictions.

We see that most organisations have little knowledge, resources or time to do this themselves. We offer added value by using models, providing predictions and providing solutions.


Many organisations need realistic datasets but do not have them. That can be for all kinds of reasons. It could be because of privacy or because the datasets are not available. With DOTS Datasampler we offer you the possibility to quickly create suitable datasets yourself, without needing a lot of prior knowledge or having to do a lot of work internally first.

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