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We see that many organisations need realistic datasets, but these are often not available or should not be used for privacy reasons. Generic datasets often do not work either. With DOTS Datasampler we offer you the possibility to quickly create your own suitable datasets, without needing a lot of prior knowledge.

What are the challenges

Many organisations have the need to automate certain work. In addition, they want to be able to see the added value of certain datascience activities.

what are the challenges

With DOTS Datasampler you can use datasets to test new or existing applications, to demonstrate a prototype dashboard, or to teach others to analyse a dataset. We facilitate this via a number of templates. These are basic datasets that your organisation can use. Each template is suitable for a number of analysis applications. The templates can be adapted to your preferences, for example by changing the size of groups, adding variables, adjusting relationships between tables and changing the distribution of existing tables.

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