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Realistic datasets available in no time

Having a suitable dataset readily available is often a time-consuming task – especially if you only need the data for teaching, an experiment, or a demonstration. With DOTS DataSampler, you can download an existing fictitious dataset or quickly compile your own in just a few clicks. Combine various variables to create a dataset you can use straight away.


Access datasets that suit your objective

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Choose from one of the many templates for your organization

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Start with an existing template and customize it easily


Convert the dataset to a suitable format for your needs

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Easily modify existing variables to suit your needs

The right dataset – without all the hassle

Do you need a specific dataset, but it is not available? Or are you not permitted to use it for your specific objective due to privacy concerns? Then you have a few options. You could look for useable data online, but such datasets are often not ideal for the purpose for which you want to use them. Another option is to create a fictitious file yourself, but this is often a complex and time-consuming process.

DOTS DataSampler

Meet DOTS DataSampler, a solution for Datasets as a Service. With DOTS DataSampler, you can download realistic datasets and modify them to suit your needs – without needing any prior knowledge of data science. Change the size of groups yourself, easily add variables, and adjust the distribution of variables. However you like.

DOTS DataSampler is suitable for:

Useful templates

DOTS DataSampler comes with a number of templates as standard, which you can start using straight away. For example, datasets for customer contact centres, telecom and IT companies, a coffee chain, and a college.

Customize it yourself

The templates are easy to customize. For example, you can change the size of the groups or add variables. You can customize a dataset in any way you like.

Expert support

Need some help? A team of expert data scientists is on hand to offer support with specific issues.


The DOTS DataSampler allows you to create datasets that are as close to the real thing as possible. For example, adjust the proportion of missings or outliers yourself or apply seasonal patterns to transactions.


To use the online DOTS DataSampler platform, you don’t need to wade your way through long manuals or pages of instructions. For all the most common actions, instructional videos are available that explain step by step what you need to do.


We release at least one new template every quarter, which you are free to start using straight away. You can also submit suggestions for new templates, and we can help you devise the right one for your situation.

DOTS DataSampler is suitable for…

Dots Datasampler voor docenten

You teach a course that involves data and analytics and you want your students to perform analyses themselves. How do you access data quickly that is also suitable for the type of analysis you want your students to perform?

Database specialisten - dots datasampler
Data specialists

You want to perform a new analysis or use an application, but you want to prototype it first. Getting data from your organization is either too time consuming or you might not be able to use it due to privacy concerns. How can you push forward anyway and decide, based on the prototype, to start using your ‘own’ data?

Dots datasampler voor dashbo
Dashboard specialists

You have a new idea for a dashboard. You know from experience that it takes a long time to source the data needed to build a new one. However, you first want to test whether such a dashboard meets the needs of potential users. How can you build one quickly to demonstrate how it works?

DOTS Datasampler voor IT
IT specialists

You regularly set up new applications or modify existing ones. Part of this process involves testing. You can’t just use a sample of your own data due to privacy concerns. But those tests still need to be done. So, how do you obtain a suitable dataset?

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