Data & AI

Many organizations have the ambition to get more value out of their data, enabling them to make better decisions. How do you set up a data value chain in such a way that it contributes to your goals? With our Data & AI services and products, we help you look at your data and together we map out which tasks in your business process can be AI-driven.

Good data governance allows us to monitor and improve data quality.

Data science and Advanced Analytics help you take a step towards tomorrow by predicting future trends.

Data visualization and dashboards are used to turn big data into a clear dashboard, allowing you to recognize patterns.

Data & AI do not stand alone. Precisely because we offer the entire platform, we as Broad Horizon can help our clients integrally. Cmotions’ experts assist your company in the field of Data & AI, help you draw up and improve a data strategy and monitor your data governance, risk and compliance framework. Together with our colleagues at True we can help you with the design, construction, implementation and monitoring of your own IoT or Digital Assistant-project.

With Tailo we can turn customer conversations into concrete actions. With Tailo’s conversational intelligence platform you can easily convert all your customer conversations into valuable insights and actions.


Broad Horizon is partner of Microsoft and Citrix.

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