A good digital workplace ensures that everyone can take full advantage of the opportunities that technology offers, for example, being able to work from anywhere, collaborating with others easily, or organizing and sharing information.

Broad Horizon always puts the end user first. Only then can you create a truly personal workplace. And only then will your employees experience higher productivity, less red tape, and greater job satisfaction.

datagedreven, persoonlijk en intuïtief
Personal & Intuitive
meer dan technologie
More than technology
elk type werknemer
For every type of employee
elke type applicatie
For every type of application
verhoogt samenwerking & productiviteit
Increases collaboration & productivity
Digital workplace - Broad Horizon

Putting the employee first

Employees are the single most important asset of organizations. Which is why organizations are increasingly turning their attention to employee efficiency and job satisfaction. The workplace plays an important role in this.

A healthcare worker needs access to patient data, a teacher wants to be able to provide virtual tutoring, and the consultant wants to be able to collaborate on documents. They all want to be able to do their job as well as possible without needing in-depth knowledge of IT. A good workplace makes the complex world of IT accessible to employees and helps them with the things that really matter. It reduces red tape, increases productivity, and improves communication. All of these things have a positive impact on job satisfaction.

A workplace should work

It goes without saying that a digital workplace also has to align with business objectives. When we talk to IT managers, we invariably hear the same thing: they don’t want any hassle, a workplace should work. Simple as that.

This requirement is deeply embedded in Broad Horizon’s workplaces, which are scalable and always equipped with the latest modern tools. Customers don’t have to worry about security and compliance.

Another key issue is the management of workplaces. How can you ensure that all users have access to the right data and are using the most up-to-date version of software? And how effectively can problems be solved and changes implemented? Here, too, the employee should always come first. Broad Horizon monitors and takes proactive steps to improve the satisfaction of end users. This way, we always focus on what really matters: the happiness and productivity of your employees.

A broad view of the workplace

These days, technological elements are becoming more and more intertwined. So it is important to look beyond the workplace. But at the same time, you want to be connected to experts in their field. That’s why Broad Horizon brings together specialist knowledge from various companies who are experts in the workplace, cloud & infrastructure, security, data management, business apps, and data science. So we can offer our customers a specialist solution that never loses sight of the bigger picture.

Digital workplace - Broad Horizon

Continuous Journey

The world is in a constant state of flux. Nothing keeps the same unchanging shape forever. At Broad Horizon, we embrace this continuity of change. By taking a continuous journey together we help our customers look beyond the horizon.

continuous journey

In a game of football, you don’t want the referee to stand out. That’s a good metaphor for how a digital workplace should work. We are in the system with just one push of a button. There is one login code for all applications. In the past, working from home just wasn’t an option. Thanks to this workplace, we can now work together in the same digital environment – from anywhere in the world, at the same time.”

Niels Meijer


Cruyff Foundation

Pink365 has significantly reduced the amount of paperwork for our employees. This means that we have more time to provide care, and that’s what really matters.

Joost Heres

Project Manager

Portaal van Carintreggeland

Building blocks

Every organization is different. That is why we assess the challenges faced by each individual organization and identify the best workplace for them. We do not have to reinvent the wheel for every client, of course: we utilize tried-and-tested standard products and services from Broad Horizon’s various specialist companies.


The ultimate personal and scalable workplace. Thanks to Pink365, users have access to everything they need to do their job from a single portal.


Professional workplace support for home workers. A support officer visits end users at home to resolve disruptions.

Workplace adoption

We help companies by supporting and informing their employees regarding changes, such as the introduction of a new workplace.

Hardware Services

We also provide customers with hardware that is perfectly suited to the digital workplace. We offer support in all phases of the product cycle.


Important information must always be protected. We ensure the fast, complete, and centralized back-up of corporate data. Locally or in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

We help customers navigate the process of resuming operations after a calamity, such as natural disasters, a hack, or ransomware attack.

Data analyse

Our data experts provide insights and predictions based on workplace data using advanced analytics and data science.

Data Visualization

By visualizing data in a clear way, we can quickly ensure that patterns in the data, deviating values, and trends can be identified.

Power Platform

Thanks to the Power Platform, employees can easily build their own applications. So they can also contribute to improving the efficiency of work processes.

Business Apps

We offer innovative solutions in the areas of sales, marketing, service, logistics, and financial and production management.

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