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A security service to structurally increase your organization’s level of security. Protect your Microsoft 365 environment, improve your employees’ knowledge, and identify system vulnerabilities.

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ICT beveiliging in kaart brengen

More than central security

Security is no longer just a matter of centralized security. With Continuous Security, we analyse your organization’s entire security landscape and security maturity level and take steps to elevate it to the next level. The ultimate goal? To achieve maximum security for your organization.

We can help you to structurally improve the security of your application landscape. We start by analyzing the current maturity level and then formulate a plan to implement continuous improvements. On an operational level, we deploy various Microsoft tools to assess the application and data landscape and to implement the steps in the plan.

Discover, Onboard, Journey

Every organization is different. Which is why we approach Continuous Security as a process that consists of several phases: Discover, Onboard, and Journey. By working methodically through the three phases, we gather insights about the organization, its objectives, and target groups. Insights that we then use as a basis for making structural improvements to security.

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Security risks are often tucked away in a small corner: a faulty configuration in the firewall; outdated – and therefore vulnerable – software; employees’ lack of knowledge about what to do in the event of an incident; or even the lack of a security policy within the organization.

The most important step when it comes to drawing up a security plan is to clearly identify where the vulnerabilities are. Once you know that, you can start minimizing risks. In the Discover phase, we identify the potential security risks in your organization.


Setting up a new security program is about more than simply configuring the software. It is a process that often involves multiple stakeholders with different levels of knowledge about security. That’s why, during the onboarding process, we also analyse the level of knowledge in addition to setting up the technology.

We strongly believe that everyone in an organization should have the same level of basic knowledge on how to spot security risks. In this stage, we set up the technology you need to keep your business secure, for example: we implement and set up new firewalls, apply a Mobile Device Management solution, or install monitoring software so that we can keep an eye on potential risks for your environment.


In traditional security models, it was often enough to arrange your security centrally. Changes were implemented from time to time, and because applications and systems were hosted in an on-premise environment, this process was relatively straightforward. However, the emergence of cloud applications and new development methodologies means that implementing changes is a continuous process, often across different distributed systems.

Due to the pace at which changes are occurring and the growing number of cloud applications and data, a new approach to security is required. That’s why we adopt a continuous process. At Broad Horizon, we believe in regularly going back to the drawing board, especially when introducing new technology into the organization or when new vulnerabilities enter the equation.

Security – The white paper

Cybercrime is commonplace. Malicious parties are coming up with increasingly cunning ways to steal data or undermine business processes.

Download the whitepaper to read more about the current situation, the security maturity model, our strategy, and our solutions.

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Building Blocks

Security Assessment

We assess the current security level of your organization. In addition to an extensive survey, we also scan the application landscape. After the assessment, we deliver a report full of extensive analyses and points for improvement.


Security Awareness

Workshops to test your employees’ level of knowledge. We survey employees from all levels of the organization to find out how much they really know about security.


Security Operating Center (SOC)

A monitoring tool that can monitor the organization’s security from various sources in the application landscape. This can be linked, for example, to MDM/MAM solutions.


Security Audits

Pentests to expose critical factors in the application landscape. These are performed regularly (depending on licences chosen). After the test, the customer receives an extensive report with points for improvement.

Security Assessment
Security Awareness Training
Security Operating Center
Security Audits

Managed Services

All the building blocks we provide are supported by managed services.

Service Level Agreement

Each building block has its own service level agreement. For a fixed amount per month per user, you know exactly how many hours of support you will receive. Different levels can be agreed upon to suit the type of organization.

Expert support

Employees can contact an expert support desk for technical and non-technical queries – sometimes even in the middle of the night, depending on the chosen service level. Ideal for solving problems quickly.

Innovation as a Service

Technology never stops. That’s why we regularly keep you up to date with the latest developments by organizing innovative workshops and events. We then discuss new possibilities, for example, or explore them together in a lab.

Adoption & Change

To increase the level of acceptance of new technology, we create adoption programs for every employee involved. We draw up a clear plan, including anticipated goals, and make adjustments if they are not met.

Analytics & Insights

All of our managed digital workplaces are data-driven. Based on three levels and insights from our approach, we determine what to measure and how often. We can then use the data to refine the adoption program, for example.

Security & Compliance

Security and compliance are woven into every fibre of our services. In addition, Continuous Security ties in seamlessly with our Continuous Workplace service, where we dig deeper into specific security and compliance components.

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