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Intelligence is all about processing, analysing, and utilizing collected information. Although human intelligence is largely embedded in our DNA, for organizations it is a different story. With the right approach, focus, and tools, you can actively develop and organize it.

Being an intelligent organization should not be a goal in itself. Instead, that intelligence should be used to achieve business objectives. The possibilities are endless. But where should you start? Broad Horizon is here to help.

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Artificial Intelligence en Data
Artificial Intelligence en Data

From data to intelligence

Regardless of the steps you want to take towards the future, the journey always begins by collecting the right data. Data is the fuel that drives better insights and predictions, which in turn lead to smart measures and decisions for the future. But data on its own is not enough; the real challenge is to turn that data into value. There are countless ways in which data can be valuable – from dashboards that help you to make the right decisions to AI applications that perform complex tasks on their own.

When you start exploring data and AI in more depth, you will encounter all sorts of challenges. How do you collect data and where do you store it? How should you process it into useful insights? And how can you maximize the potential of these insights for the benefit of your organization? Not to mention issues such as security, compliancy, and data ethics.

Towards a data-driven organization in three steps

The road towards becoming a data-driven and intelligent organization consists of several phases in which the role of the underlying systems also evolves over time.

Step 1: System of record

Starting from a sound foundation is key. There is a reason why more and more organizations are opting to use central and standardized ERP and CRM systems in which information is recorded centrally. This creates one version of reality.

Step 2: System of engagement

The next step is to unlock data for customers in a user-friendly and personalized way that best meets their needs. For example, web shops can be used for online orders and apps can help to support specific functions.

Step 3: System of intelligence

The third step is to combine data from the previous two steps with external data sources and use them in machine-learning models to predict and influence real-time customer behaviour. Data is then no longer used just to look back, but also to make predictions about the future.

Aartificia Intelligence
Een brede blik op Data & AI

A broad view of Data & AI

These days, technological elements are becoming more and more intertwined. So it is important to take a broad view of data and AI. But at the same time, you want to be connected to experts in their field.

That’s why Broad Horizon brings together specialist knowledge from various companies who are experts in the workplace, cloud & infrastructure, security, data management, business apps, and data science. So we can offer our customers a specialist solution that never loses sight of the bigger picture.

Our approach: The Continuous Journey

Becoming an intelligent and data-driven organization is not a project with a clear start and end point; it is an ongoing process in which improvements can be made continuously.

continuous journey

At Broad Horizon, we embark on a journey with our customers – where we lead, innovate, and continuously improve. We call this the Continuous Journey.

continuous journey

Customer stories


Thanks to the cloud, the Internet of Things, and advanced analytics, customers of container shipping company Maersk can now monitor the real-time status of transport goods and reefer containers. Not only can customers monitor the temperature at any time – and even change it remotely – but they also have insight into energy consumption.

IKEA - klantcase Data en AI

IKEA Belgium is now able to reach customers in a more segmented and data-driven way via different channels. Action-oriented customer insights are used to improve the customer experience across all channels. One of the requirements for this project was that interaction with customers at available customer touchpoints could be used within a well-orchestrated campaign management process.

Building blocks

Becoming an intelligent and data-driven organization may not be as simple as downloading an app or activating a subscription in the cloud, But depending on the exact use case, we can deploy a number of standard products and services as building blocks. This helps your project get off to a flying start and create value in a short period of time.

DOTS Predictive Services

Prediction models based on artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming easier to apply. Our off-the-shelf data solution will get you off to a flying start.

Dynamics 365

As a central system of record, Microsoft’s business applications form a solid foundation for the further development of an intelligent organization.

Managed Cloud

When using large amounts of data and applying it in real-time prediction models, a good, flexible cloud infrastructure is essential.

Underlined CX Hub

Analysing telephone, chat, and e-mail conversations has never been easier. Guaranteed to deliver new insights about customers and internal processes.

Power Platform

Various modules that facilitate the creation of apps, portals, automatic processes, links, and bots – without the need for programming.

Back-up & Recovery

If the data itself is valuable, it is vital that you plan ahead for the possible risks of data loss and recovery.

Target To Data

With our Target-to-Data approach, we bridge the gap between the organization’s strategic objectives and the implications for data management and technology.

Connect Plus

Our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) ensures clarity and stability when aggregating data from different systems.

Managed Security

When storing large amounts of data, security is paramount. With our Managed Security package, we systematically monitor this for you.

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