Managed Private Cloud

A fully managed cloud environment in True’s cloud. The customer does not share this environment with others. The data is stored on Dutch soil. A Managed Private Cloud is suitable for business applications, large websites, web applications or e-commerce environments.

What are the challenges

For example, a managed private cloud can be used for mission-critical applications, which can cause loss of turnover or damage to reputation due to downtime, slow applications, web applications or websites that suddenly need to be able to process a lot of traffic, users or requests. Managing your own cloud environment takes a lot of time and is expensive.

What are the solutions

True’s Managed Private Cloud allows companies, organisations or developers to focus on their core business, rather than the complex set-up and maintenance of their application’s hosting platform. We provide advice on which resources, website, web or business application is needed for growth. In addition, we design the private cloud, looking at which technologies can be deployed efficiently. We also take care of the setup, installing all the software needed to host applications, and the periodic maintenance that a private cloud has to deal with. Finally, we implement changes, such as expansions, and solve bottlenecks.

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