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There is a growing need for IT to be flexible. In many cases, on-premise solutions are no longer fit for purpose in terms of cost and support. Public cloud solutions, on the other hand, are continuing to prove themselves when it comes to performance and future readiness. And private clouds excel in performance and stability.

Broad Horizon provides fully managed services for setting up and optimizing your operations in your own or a public cloud. Whether you want to migrate to a public cloud or need a little extra help in running your managed cloud environment, our certified cloud specialists are here to help.

Lift & shift
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Cloud computing promise

In today’s digital world, continuous adaptation is the name of the game. If you want to deliver faster, stay flexible, and keep innovating, a digital transformation is the only way to go.

Cloud en infrastructuur -

Cloud computing fits in seamlessly with these expectations. The cloud opens up a world of opportunities – from scaling up and down faster to keep up with consumer demand to delivering products and services faster than the competition to gain a competitive edge.

But for many organizations, this digital transformation still poses a challenge. Getting started with the cloud isn’t actually that difficult. But how can you ensure that you really get the most out of the cloud and harness its full potential? And how can you make sure it is secure, flexible, and performs well? These questions are not easy to answer, and they also touch upon issues that are not just about technology.

Strategy & implementation

Cloud en infra - Strategie & uitvoering

Cloud computing often also goes hand in hand with organizational change. A logical cloud strategy, technical foundations, an adoption programme, and a security and compliance policy are key to a smooth transition.

That’s why Broad Horizon doesn’t see cloud computing as simply a technological exercise, but as a journey where people, technology, and process are perfectly aligned – a journey on which we are more than happy to lead the way.

Cloud en infra - Strategie & uitvoering
Cloud en infra - Een brede blik op de werkplek

A broad view of the workplace

Cloud en infra - Een brede blik op de werkplek

These days, technological elements are becoming more and more intertwined. So it is important to look beyond the workplace. But at the same time, you want to be connected to experts in their field. That’s why Broad Horizon brings together specialist knowledge from various companies who are experts in the workplace, cloud & infrastructure, security, data management, business apps, and data science. So we can offer our customers a specialist solution that never loses sight of the bigger picture.

Continuous Journey

At Broad Horizon, we believe the cloud is never ‘finished’. There are always innovations and improvements to be made. We call this the Continuous Journey – a journey which we embark upon with our customers to pioneer, innovate, and improve.

continuous journey
continuous journey

If you are trying to save a child’s life, the cloud platform is the last thing you want to worry about.

Cloud en Infra - Klantcase Amber Alert Nederland

Frank Hoen


AMBER Alert Nederland

We’re not experts in figuring things out or updating servers ourselves. Our goal is to bring the meditations to people, which we mainly do with our app. We prefer to outsource things that are not our core business to the real specialists.

Cloud en Infra - Klantcase Meditation Moments

Joey de Decker


Meditation Moments

Building blocks

Every organization is different. Which is why we assess the challenges faced by each individual organization and identify the best workplace for them. We do not have to reinvent the wheel for every client, of course: We utilize tried-and-tested standard products and services from Broad Horizon’s various specialist companies.

Managed Kubernetes

A platform that facilitates faster innovation. For organizations that want to enjoy the benefits without the steep learning curve.

Private cloud

A stable, high-performance cloud environment for organizations that want assurance that data remains safely in the Netherlands.

Public cloud

A highly flexible cloud environment for companies that want to deliver new services rapidly, in an innovative and scalable way.

Managed Azure

A public cloud developed by a global powerhouse (Microsoft) and managed by local specialists who understand hosting and the cloud.

Microsoft 365

A modern, mobile, and secure cloud workplace that gives you everything you need in one fell swoop to collaborate remotely in a productive and accessible way.


Important information must always be protected. We ensure the fast, complete, and centralized back-up of corporate data. Locally or in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

We help customers navigate the process of resuming operations after a calamity, such as natural disasters, a hack, or ransomware attack.

Data analysis

Our data experts provide insights and predictions based on data from the cloud using advanced analytics and data science.

Data visualization

By visualizing data in a clear way, we can quickly detect patterns in the data, deviating values, and trends.

Power Platform

Thanks to the Power Platform, employees can easily build their own applications. So they can also contribute to improving the efficiency of work processes.

Business Apps

We offer innovative solutions in the areas of sales, marketing, service, logistics, and financial and production management.

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