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Technological developments have completely revolutionized the business world in a relatively short period of time. How an organization uses data and technology has never been more important. Business applications such as ERP and CRM tools are the cornerstone of data-driven organizations.

Broad Horizon helps its customers every step of the way when it comes to creating a modern application landscape that is geared towards control, insights, and continuous optimization.

Business Applications - Microsoft
Business Applications - Microsoft dynamics 365
Business Apps - Microsoft
Business Applications
Business Applications - Microsoft
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Waarde uit business applications

Business applications add value

Business apps add value to your organization; they give you greater control and better insights, which in turn drives innovation.


ERP systems help to streamline internal processes, achieve a standardized quality, generate predictable financial results, and ensure efficient cooperation within the organization. CRM systems help organizations to bundle their customer data and to get the most out of that data.


Analytical tools convert available data into information, insights, and predictions that can then be translated into action. For example, by using applications in which processes can be automated. But also by ensuring that the right insights reach the right people.


Ultimately, greater control and better insights should lead to continuous improvements. Citizen development, where employees involved in your core business can build simple applications and automate processes themselves using low-code and no-code software, is becoming an increasingly hot topic.

From on-premise to cloud

As organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on IT, it is essential that business applications are secure and always available. Cloud applications provide a number of benefits in terms of security, stable costs, effortless scaling up and down, and flexibility – which is why they are becoming increasingly popular among organizations. But if you use on-premise legacy applications, then, unfortunately, it’s a little bit more complicated than simply flipping a switch. Broad Horizon helps its customers every step of the way when it comes to creating a modern application landscape that is geared towards control, insights, and continuous optimization.

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Een brede blik op business apps

A broad view of business applications

These days, technological elements are becoming increasingly intertwined. So it is important to look beyond business applications. But at the same time, you want to be connected to experts in their field.

That’s why Broad Horizon brings together specialist knowledge from various companies who are experts in business applications (ERP & CRM), low-code/no-code development, workplacesCloud and infrastructuredata management, and data science. So we can offer our customers a specialist solution that never loses sight of the bigger picture.

Our approach: The Continuous Journey

As we see it, purchasing business applications isn’t just a one-time thing; it’s an ongoing process that is all about adding value for the customer. In our Continuous Journey approach, we understand that every organization is different and we work our way through several phases: envision, onboard, journey. By working methodically through the three phases, we make the technology accessible to you, enable your employees to actively participate in the process, and ensure that business software supports your organization’s goals as effectively as possible.

continuous journey
continuous journey

Customer stories

Marnix Academie

The Marnix Academie uses Dynamics 365 Marketing to automate and personalize student recruitment. Strengthening relationships by sending the right personal message at the right time and via the right channel.

Marnix Academie - klantcase

Kwantum has revamped its business processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365.By using this cloud platform, the organization is able to reduce the complexity associated with using multiple business applications.

Building blocks

Broad Horizon assists its customers with the implementation of various business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform. We also offer various supporting cloud, security, and data services.


With our Target-to-Data approach, we bridge the gap between the organization’s strategic objectives and the implications for data management and technology, such as business apps.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 gives organizations a set of intelligent CRM and ERP cloud solutions that bring together all parts of the organization, providing a single, clear view of the business.

Managed Cloud

When it comes to processing large amounts of data in business software, a good cloud infrastructure – that is flexible enough to scale up and down quickly based on current usage – is essential.

Data & Analytics partnership

With Broad Horizons as your data & analytics partner, we can assist you with a fully equipped data & analytics team ‘as a service’. We can help you develop a data strategy for your application landscape.

Power Platform

The Power Platform consists of several modules that facilitate the quick and easy development of apps, portals, automated processes, links, and bots – without the need for programming.

Back-up & Recovery

A professional application landscape relies on data. It is vital that you plan ahead for the possible risks of data loss and formulate plans for recovery.

Underlined API Suite

These data science modules geared towards customer experience management are an extension of your data science architecture and pre-existing application landscape.

Connect Plus

Our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) ensures clarity and stability when aggregating data from different systems.

Pink 365

The ultimate personal and scalable workplace. Thanks to Pink365, users have access to all the business applications they need to do their job from a single portal – anywhere, anytime.

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