Integration as a service

Connect + is a scalable, cloud integration platform (iPaas) for data exchange based on Azure technology. The platform offers a constant overview of all data that moves between your different business applications. With Connect + you can make the transition to the cloud without breaking data connections.

Wat is de uitdaging

Traditionally, links are developed between different applications. However, this is a time-consuming and therefore expensive process. For this reason, an integration platform is often chosen. An integration platform is a service in itself; it is the glue between the applications, so that data can be exchanged efficiently. Incoming and outgoing links only need to be made once and the platform provides transport to other applications and customers.

What are the solutions

The implementation of Connect + takes place according to a standard method. Connect + enables you to automate and optimize business processes. The platform contains powerful and trusted tools for design, development, installation and management of integrations, to realize coherence and collaborate with your processes and solutions. With Connect + you integrate all your backend systems and you can access all information to the digital workplace, SaaS services, portals, apps and all other future applications. The Connect + Platform works together with your Azure Integration Services environment. This ensures a safe environment with proven Microsoft technologies and standard connectors.


Connect + is scalable, so you can easily change the increasing or decreasing need for processing speed and volume. In addition, this does not require an initial investment in servers of which there is no certainty in advance whether they will be sufficient.


Connect + offers 24/7 monitoring and management, Analytics and proactive further development. Microsoft guarantees a high degree of reliability.


You no longer need your own expertise. Connect + provides analysis, construction and management at predictable monthly costs.

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