A ten-day structured approach that delivers a high-level IT strategy and project calendar.

What are the challenges

Many organizations do not have sufficient resources to monitor, understand and translate all technological developments into a future-proof strategy for their ICT. In addition, ICT is often still seen as a cost item and is not always assessed for value creation.

Wat is de oplossing

COMPAS is our approach to help your organization determine the right technology strategy. By using a number of thoughtful and proven working methods, we come to the right strategy together and help you translate it into a concrete project calendar. This is a recurring programmatic approach, because technological developments just keep going and we want to be a long-term partner. With COMPAS you gain insight into the latest technology developments and the potential value thereof for your organization. We draw up an action plan to help your employees use the available technology and together we discover where technology can make the difference. using the Business Model Canvas.


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