Sana Commerce bij DEAC Koffie Experts

Sana Commerce at DEAC Koffie Experts – full integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central

DEAC Koffie Experts has been supplying coffee to the catering industry since 1975. In recent years, it has been increasingly turning its attention to the business market and has added several leading customers to its portfolio. With its distinctive range of coffee brands and tea concepts, the company is committed to delivering high-quality coffee to the workplace. It achieves this not only by supplying good coffee and tea and innovative espresso machines, but it also offers a route sales service and has its own technical service department. In a nutshell: DEAC Koffie Experts offers its customers the total package.

As DEAC Koffie Experts did not have an online store for B2B customers, many orders were placed by phone or e-mail every day – which then had to be processed manually and administered in NAV. It was high time that DEAC went in search of a suitable solution.

Start at the beginning

DEAC had had its eye on Sana Commerce for some time for the streamlining of the ordering process and the introduction of an additional sales channel for its customers, says Michel Horvath, Operations Manager at DEAC Koffie Experts. Sana Commerce integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Business Central, which eliminates a lot of extra actions and ensures that employees can work more efficiently.

Michel explains: “But before we could even start implementing Sana Commerce, we first had to take care of another important task – the migration from NAV to Business Central. To do that, we joined forces with Broad Horizon. Once we had done that, it made sense for us to move straight on to the next step: implementing Sana Commerce for the online store.”

The online store

Broad Horizon also helped DEAC Koffie Experts to develop an online store based on Sana Commerce Cloud. This online store is intended to make it easier for B2B customers to place orders. Orders placed via the online store are processed directly in Business Central, eliminating the need for office staff to intervene.

Ralph van der Meer, senior consultant at Broad Horizon, oversaw the implementation of Sana Commerce at DEAC Koffie Experts and says: “Sana Commerce Cloud integrates seamlessly with Business Central. Business Central is now the only source of information. This means that not only does the online store always show up-to-date prices and stock information, but DEAC Koffie Experts can also effortlessly adopt its customer segmentation structure in the Sana Commerce Cloud. The great thing about this is that customers only see the range of products that apply to them, with the corresponding pricing.

Thanks to the integration of Sana Commerce Cloud, Business Central has well and truly become DEAC Koffie Experts’ single source of truth: information from Business Central is displayed in the online store and stock changes due to orders placed via Sana Commerce are not only automatically communicated to the warehouse, but are also instantly updated in Business Central. That gives both DEAC Koffie Experts and its customers a complete and accurate overview.

And since Sana Commerce native integrates perfectly with Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can leverage all the business logic you need without having to resort to customization. All the modules work out of the box. So it’s easy to implement and more financially attractive than e-commerce packages that don’t offer this integration.” Michel adds: “Because Sana offers such a comprehensive standard integration, we didn’t need to do any customization at all: it gives us exactly what we need. So we can also rest assured that we won’t run into any major challenges in the future with updates or upgrades.”

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Paying via Sana Commerce Pay

“Although many of our existing customers are used to paying afterwards, we decided to implement the Sana Commerce Pay payment module in our online store as well. So our new customers have more of a choice when it comes to paying for our products. Thanks to the cooperation with Adyen for Sana Commerce Pay, they can choose how they want to pay in the online store: with iDEAL or with a credit card.

Their preferred payment method is then saved, so customers only have to make that choice once. This prevents unnecessary actions in the future and facilitates the ordering process,” continues Michel Horvath. Another advantage of using Sana Pay for payments is that DEAC Koffie Experts can significantly reduce the risk of pre-financing.

Insights into commercial data

Ralph explains that Broad Horizon also connected the Sana Commerce Insights module for DEAC Koffie Experts. “Once the online store has been up and running for a while, DEAC will be able to use Insights to extract valuable information. They can then use this information to make well-founded and strategic decisions, but also to gain insights into customer behaviour when they use the online store. For example, by analysing where and why customers abort the purchasing process, DEAC can resolve sticking points in the online store and make it more user-friendly for its customers. Not only will this benefit the customer, but it will also increase the conversion rate and therefore sales.”

Rapid launch

Both Michel and Ralph enjoyed the collaboration. “We initiated the quotation process for Sana Commerce Cloud in January 2021,” Michel says, “and the online store was delivered at the beginning of May. For the moment, we’ve decided to keep it as a closed online store. Customers need an account to be able to place an order.”

Ralph adds: “We wouldn’t have been able to deliver it that quickly without the dedication of DEAC’s employees. We started by setting up two different environments: an acceptance environment and a production environment. This meant that DEAC’s project team had a safe environment in which to test the functionalities and really get to know the system. The project team’s approach was very structured and they made good use of all available documentation. They bundled all their questions together and the team acted as one. This made it easier to answer any remaining questions quickly and effectively during the regular meetings. Which meant that we were able to complete the entire project in about two months.”

Developments in the future

“Now that the online store has been delivered and is up and running, my work is done,” Ralph concludes. “I am now passing on DEAC Koffie Experts to our Managed Applications department. For questions, management, and future updates, they can always call upon Broad Horizon’s expertise – which is music to Michel’s ears. DEAC is also contemplating connecting the CRM system to the new environment, by implementing Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing: “When we start working on that, we will definitely be calling on Broad Horizon’s knowledge and solutions again!”

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