Ranzijn - tuin en dier

Ranzijn garden & animal continues to build on Omnichannel strategy

Ranzijn Garden & Animal looks back with satisfaction on the introduction of the omni-channel solution of Broad Horizon (formerly GreatCircle). After a thorough selection, this solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail was chosen, because of the good connection with the deployed omni-channel strategy. “With Broad Horizon’s standard platform, we can optimally integrate our physical and digital channels. This is important in order to provide the customer with the intended seamless experience and uniform brand experience. I am very satisfied with the choice for this all-in-one system and the way we managed the implementation in a short time”, says Bart Scheffer, general manager of Ranzijn Tuin & Dier.

Fruit picking from the platform

“Now that we have the basic functionality in place for purchasing, sales and stock management, among other things, the phase is beginning that we will be able to reap the benefits of this. All business processes are housed in the system, from stock management to point-of-sale support via the modern cash register system. Contactless payment is also supported. With such a large implementation, it always takes time before you are at the desired level. The back of the shop and webshop are already integrated. We are still working on further integration of the front. Stock optimisation in the chain also still offers opportunities, now that the basics are in place. Soon Microsoft Power BI will also be added, a powerful tool for management information”.

Lessons learned

According to Scheffer, the implementation went smoothly. “We did not increase our own capacity, our people did it. In order to make this possible, we were able to rely on Broad Horizon, especially on the technical side. With hindsight, we should have incorporated a little more air into our own organisation. On the other hand, this working method – partly due to Broad Horizon’s workshop approach – ensured broad support among users. It was a project for everyone. On two occasions we decided to take extra time to get everything even better in order when going live. That was a conscious choice. In conclusion, we like this pace of improvement. We see many opportunities to grow. Then it’s good to know that our system can support growth and that we can connect a new shop quickly and smoothly to our robust infrastructure”.



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