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Centralizing and speeding up back-ups

A lot of data is exchanged through the Landal GreenParks website: bookings, customer service queries, downloads. The more than 70 bungalow parks also store a lot of data locally, including data from their administration systems and reception desks. Data that is invaluable to Landal!Since many of the parks had their own IT departments, backing up all that data wasn’t properly organized.

Safeguarding business continuity

In order to guarantee business continuity, the IT professionals at Landal GreenParks called in DMP. We worked together to set up a central back-up environment and a new back-up structure.
Since the back-up data for the cooperation with DMP was stored locally, individual employees at the parks had to replace the tapes themselves when necessary.

The request

Landal had three main objectives:

• Create an overview and ensure safety (through a central back-up system)
• Increase efficiency and reduce employees’ workload (through a tapeless environment)
• Ensure faster back-ups (through back-up to disk)

All three of these objectives have been achieved. DMP analysed the current situation, drew up a blueprint for the new situation, gave advice on soft- and hardware, and helped with the migration to and implementation of a new back-up structure.

Landal was advised to switch from a traditional Commvault licence (data management solution) to a capacity licence and to opt for a back-up-to-disk solution.

The challenge

How could we ensure that the centrally stored back-ups in Leidschendam were also safeguarded at other locations? For this, we decided to set up two fallback locations where copies of all centrally stored back-ups are made, in the data centre in Nieuwkuijk and in the Landal office in Groningen.
The three locations are connected to each other through a back-up unit and a back-up-to-disk unit. In the event of a disaster in Leidschendam, preventing a back-up from being made from the parks to this main location, the back-up will be diverted to Nieuwkuijk. If that’s not possible, there is always a back-up in Groningen and Landal’s data will still be safe there.

The result

Landal is happy with the implementation, which took just six days to complete: “Back-ups now take place centrally, the number of tapes has been minimized, and the back-up process is much faster thanks to the use of disks. We now also have a back-up environment with two fallback locations, which guarantees a high level of security,” says Van der Hout.

The new situation has many advantages, from cost savings to the freedom to use all Commvault products within the capacity limit, including the type of back-up (each product previously required a separate licence). Deduplication is now also possible, which means that the back-up-to-disk takes up as little space as possible and minimizes the load on the limited bandwidth between locations.



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