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From a paper Bible to a closed goods flow

Evert Zaal (IT manager of Big Bazar) talks about the app developed together with Colleqtive for ordering stock and streamlining the stock of goods by linking the goods receipt. The aim of this was to get a better grip on the flow of goods between the distribution centre and the shops. This app has now been supplemented with solutions from Retail Connected partners, such as an app by Colleqtive for scanning and ordering the shop stock.

Evert: “Our employees walked through the shop with an old order book, a kind of paper bible with all kinds of donkey ears and notes. After manually noting down the stock, the orders still had to be scanned.

Together with Broad Horizon and Colleqtive, we set up an app in combination with Dynamics 365 Operations that makes the order book superfluous. The old hand scanner has been adapted and can load products into the shop portal via the cloud. At the same time, we have also ensured that core products are automatically reordered by means of the requirement planning in Dynamics 365. Ultimately, we want to extend this re-ordering to all products, taking into account the assortment per shop. Actually, we want people to be surprised with new items every day. We wanted staff to spend less time ordering, so that our employees have more time to help shoppers and only need to replenish when needed. The app is much more accurate and gives a better overview of what’s on the road.

A closed (money) flow of goods

For us, it is important that the shops can also indicate that they have received the goods. This creates a closed (money) flow of goods between the DC and the shops, which is nice for our accountant. In the shops we support this whole process with the shop portal. Here employees can see what they have ordered themselves, what is being pushed through the head office, which items are action items and when the goods will be delivered. There is also a list of attention items, on which they can see if something is wrong with a certain product. We show shop items they don’t have, so they can still order them. Ultimately, we want to extend this to include items such as loss and in-store shipments.



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