knk Publishing

Flexible & innovative publishing software

knkPublishing offers publishers excellent opportunities to strengthen their activities and exploit new revenue streams. This business software offers complete functionality for all activities and media possibilities. This is based on best practices in the media industry and from Microsoft. In this way you ensure a strong connection of people, activities and products!

New service models are constantly emerging in the publishing industry. The key question here is how best to respond to the new needs of the reader. How can you add value both in terms of content and in areas such as distribution and marketing? In order to be able to make the right decisions quickly, the internal processes must be in order. Everything has to be right. That’s why digitisation and process integration are more important than ever to ensure continuity. knkPublishing makes this possible.

Internationally successful all-in-one solution

knkPublishing is based on Microsoft Dynamics and developed as an add-on for publishers. The originally German platform provides support for many forms of media product expression. In short: all restricted functionality for educational, academic, busi-ness-to-business, book and magazine publishers. In addition to manuscripts, subscriptions and events, the solution also supports new digital revenue streams. This results in many satisfied users in Europe, North America and Asia.

Work more customer-oriented and (cost) more efficiently

Core processes for finance, marketing, sales and logistics are bundled with best practices in areas such as project and title management, editing, realisation, production and sales promotion. From advertising management to intellectual property management and the life cycle management of titles.

The customizable software modules cover all aspects of, for example, subscription, manuscript, article, event, rights, licensing and metadata management and even PR and review management. Everything to make business processes more customer-oriented and (cost) more efficient.

One integrated multichannel solution

All business processes and data come together. From the initial sketch and concept phase, editorial processes, price calculation, management of cross-media productions and rights to marketing and sales through various channels. The entire order fulfilment process is covered, from order receipt to payment. Whether it concerns magazines, e-books, individual articles, advertisements, subscriptions or event participation. This allows you to standardise processes, automate approval procedures and have data quality continuously checked and improved. This ensures more effective workflows at lower costs. Shorter time to market. And more control over production, distribution and finances.

Easy to link with external systems

In addition to functionality for small and medium sized out-freshers, there is also an integration platform. This makes it easy to create links for data exchange with parties such as CB, webshops, online bookshops, suppliers and content management systems. The modular structure allows you to configure the software in such a way that it fully meets your needs. We also continuously look at how publishers can optimally apply the Micro-soft technologies that are suitable for them. The result is an ever-growing range of standard functionality from which you can draw at any time. In this way, knkPublishing adds value in every respect.

360-degree feedback

The software is easy to match with the structure and working method of your organisation. Another important advantage is the familiar Microsoft look & feel which ensures that users can work with it quickly and easily. Role-specific screens are used to graphically display key figures and offer professional reports and complex analyses. Pushing boundaries requires a great deal of imagination and reliable steering information. Up-to-date data on customer behaviour and margins. Insight into the client through 360-degree feedback. What works and what can be improved? Supported by knkPublishing, you make the right decisions and respond quickly to developments.

Continuous innovation

An important fact is that this is the only Microsoft-certified add-on for publishers. Both knk and Broad Horizon are certified Microsoft Partners, and our strategic partnership offers customers the certainty that they will always have access to the latest Microsoft technology and publisher-specific functionality. Microsoft ensures continuous development of the technological platform and knk for the right publishing functionality. Broad Horizon is happy to advise you on how to automate and standardise processes even better. In this way, together we create extra space for creativity and growth.