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The Internet of Things as the basis for further product development – Maersk

Container shipping company Maersk Container Industry (MCI) is one of the best-known transport companies in the global transport sector. Yet despite its solid reputation, the company faces stiff competition from other companies that work with refrigerated containers.

Real-time food monitoring

To stay ahead of the competition, the company developed the solution named ‘Sekstant’. Thanks to the Cloud, the Internet of Things, and advanced analytics, Maersk customers who use Sekstant can now monitor the real-time status of transport goods and refrigerated containers. Not only can customers monitor the temperature at any time – and even change it remotely – but they also have insight into energy consumption.

The Broad Horizon company Delegate made this possible by processing and providing insight into large amounts of data from Sekstant and the system management for the smart refrigerated containers.

200,000 refrigerated containers at a time

Sekstant was developed to monitor more than 200,000 refrigerated containers around the world simultaneously. This means that the IT architecture must be carefully planned.

Sekstant’s IT architecture was built from the ground up to support the many different types of data that a refrigerated container generates. There is limited Internet access on a cargo ship about 60% of the time, which means that data is often delivered in large batches. This is where the cloud solution Azure comes in, as it makes computing power available on demand.

Some challenges included how to gain insight into the individual refrigerated containers. If there were software updates for the operating system, for example, it had to be possible to manage the refrigerated containers remotely. In addition to servicing and managing the refrigerated containers, the large amount of data generated is seen as the foundation for further product development.

Frontrunners for integrated IoT

Since Sekstant’s inception, MCI has benefited from increased sales because they’re the forerunners of an integrated Internet of Things solution. With the data generated with Sekstant, MCI’s customers can understand the exact energy consumption, total cost of ownership (TCO), real-time change in temperature during transport, and other important variables.

Sending large amounts of data to Azure creates a good operational base for MCI to help their customers to achieve strategic goals. Given that the industry is focused on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, the next steps for MCI are to gain insight into the emissions from the refrigerated containers. The Sekstant solution and its Azure IoT foundation facilitate this.

See Broad Horizon company’s website Delegate for more information about Maersk’s IoT solution. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll walk you through the best options for your organization.



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