Optimix customer onboarding

Optimix: een transparant customer on-boarding proces

The collaboration with Handelsbanken Nederland offered Optimix Asset Management the opportunity to acquire new clients for its own services.

Customer onboarding

Customer onboarding are all activities that a financial institution undertakes as soon as a customer purchases a new product or signs up for a new service. These activities are designed to ensure that the customer can actually use the product or service and to enable cross-selling of other products. Customer onboarding is one of the most critical activities for the financial sector because it has a direct impact on customer experience, service and relationships, which in turn affect the institution’s bottom line. Customer onboarding is therefore pre-eminently a factor with which a financial institution can distinguish itself from the competition.

A relationship management tool

Optimix wanted an online tool that would easily facilitate the process of registering and handling new clients, with the client data being stored in one central database. Because Optimix Asset Management was already working with the MijnOptimix platform, the decision was made to add the solution with which potential clients can digitally enter, consult and validate data to this platform. The potential client logs in and can pass through a questionnaire in a secure environment, on the basis of which a personal risk profile is determined. The results are recorded in a file in the relationship management system and go to an Optimix Asset Management employee for verification. As soon as this employee has validated the data, the client is notified that he or she can start investing. In addition, an integration has been realised with the financial system for a fast and accurate financial settlement of the new contracts.

In order to enable correct data registration and easy consultation, the functionality of the relationship management system has been further developed to enable complete recording of prospect data, questionnaires and contracts. The handling process of new clients is supported by means of workflow. The AutoMerge functionality ensures that documents can be created and e-mailed automatically using a pre-defined workflow. By automating parts of the customer onboarding process, Optimix Asset Management has saved time and reduced error prone input.



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