Online work environment that brings together relevant applications, information and colleagues in one clear screen.

What are the challenges

The use of technology is increasingly leading to a working environment in which employees use more and more devices and applications on a daily basis when carrying out their work. In many organizations, this results in cluttered workplaces, inefficient communication and poor productivity, where employees get lost in a jungle of applications, data and open tasks. In many organizations, this creates the need for a digital workplace that fits the context of the employee. A workplace that is personalized, flexible, reliable, accessible and secure. Regardless of the location, regardless of the device, regardless of the time of day. A workplace that can be colored like a canvas to the needs of your employees.

What are the solutions

Canvas is an online work environment for employees that brings together the applications, information and colleagues relevant to them in one clear screen, on all their devices within the context of their work. Canvas enables full integration with Office 365 and other existing business applications. Canvas is based on Synigo, a CMS that allows you to quickly have a workspace. The CMS allows you to create a blog and so called ’tiles’ that show parts of the application on the portal.

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