Business Continuity for D365

Ensures continuity in the use of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement by completely unburdening Microsoft’s cloud upgrade cycles.

What are the challenges

Every year, Microsoft releases two major and several minor updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365. In these updates, new functionalities and improvements are introduced. This aims to ensure that Dynamics 365 environments perform optimally and help to gain added value from the CRM investment. For example, organizations must ensure that complex environments (with customization) continue to operate. New functionality must be put into use, for which the knowledge level of the functional management, the key and end users must be up-to-date.

What are the solutions

To ensure that such an upgrade yields the best possible results, we have developed the Business Continuity Program. Before, during and after the upgrade, we support your organization. A separate upgrade schedule is made for each Dynamics environment, covering matters such as making and restoring backups, creating temporary Sandbox environments, performing necessary changes, testing and drawing up test scenarios, rework and retesting. In addition to the above points, new functionalities are explained in a presentation, which can be followed by a workshop and training.

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