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Accelerate on commercial objectives with data & analytics in this new era

What has retail been like since Covid-19? Lately trend reports have been piling up on the new era. It is striking that retail is often mentioned as one of the most important sectors that must now adapt quickly to the changing world after COVID-19. How can you implement these adjustments in your organization?

At Broad Horizon we know the challenges of retailers like no one else. Every day we help them to make their IT landscape future proof, innovate their portfolio together with them, support their employees with the support of technology and data, and help them with their customer service. In this article we take you into our solutions for the world of today and tomorrow. With our business accelerator you are able to accelerate on the commercial targets and apply data & analytics in your customer interactions. In this way your organization is also ready for the changing world of tomorrow.

Welke vragen leven er op dit gebied bij retailers?

Retailers are currently facing the challenge to use data & analytics successfully in their marketing efforts and as a topic within the digital transformation of their organization. Even before the Corona era, this was one of the top challenges in boardrooms, but recent months have shown that consumers have accelerated the shift to digital channels and see them as the “safest” channels for interactions for now.

For retail, this leads to the following questions, for example:

  • What will the store of the near future look like if health continues to play a major role?
  • How do I make the physical shopping experience digital (including web & e-mail)?
  • What will the role of platforms like Amazon be in my customer service?
  • How do I bring personalization to life in customer approach and interactions?
  • What choices do I have to make for marketing technology? What does agile working mean to us?
  • How do I create a consistent customer experience across all channels?
  • What are the benefits of data-driven marketing?

Veranderen is geen keuze meer. Maar hoe stimuleer je het?

Our philosophy? Choose the concrete approach. This approach is ideally suited to retailers: experience hands-on what this change looks like for your company and how your customers react to it. Benefit from this immediately and learn from your customer’s feedback.

No advice from the sidelines, but participate in the operation. From your reality of today and a look at the one of tomorrow. That is our business accelerator. With this approach we take your company and employees along in data-driven marketing and what results this produces.

What are the results?

Together with your employees, we deliver successful and scalable (automated) interactions within three months, so you achieve faster results and you will be able to reach your marketing objectives with the business accelerator. IWe achieve direct impact and support within your organization and we feed your data (-driven) strategy and sharpen it where needed. We help your employees with a new agile and data-driven way of working. We create a blueprint on the basis of which you can make choices in your data  and your marketing technology. In addition, we provide advice on the next steps after the business accelerator.

And your customers? They experience that their expectations are being met and even overachieved. They receive, much more than before, relevant content that is valuable to them. They are recognized across the channels and are more satisfied with the service.

How do we achieve that?

The business accelerator is a joint effort, in which your employees work together with two or three of our data-driven experts. We start from your commercial objectives, take your customer as a starting point and test directly the existing channels.

Your customers determine which content, offers and recommendations they find most relevant to receive via email, the website or other channels. This makes it clear which interaction provides the most value for them and for you.

After three months, we will have realized a new customer journey that you can use on a structural basis. Would you like to know more about this? Please contact us. The business accelerator was developed by Cmotions, part of Broad Horizon.


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