Broad Horizon 06.12.2022

PRESS RELEASE: Broad Horizon to acquire data & analytics specialist – 2Foqus

6 December 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Broad Horizon, a leading player in cloud infrastructure, cloud consultancy and app development, business applications, data science and business intelligence, announces its pending acquisition of 2Foqus – a Netherlands data and analytics specialist. 

The acquisition forms part of the group’s plans to expand and deepen its data science and business intelligence practice and consultancy through its buy and build growth strategy. Focused on collaboration, all Broad Horizon companies harness each other’s expertise, while each brand remains proudly independent. 2Foqus will continue to operate under its own brand, retaining the 2Foqus name and brand identity. 

Broad Horizon, CEO, Jean-Yves Charlier: “We are looking forward to welcoming 2Foqus into the Broad Horizon neighborhood. 2Foqus fills a critical piece in our overall proposition for mid-market and enterprise customers in the Netherlands. Its expertise in helping businesses adopt business intelligence tooling and processes, with several strong partnerships (PowerBI, Qlik, TimeXtender) will be of great value to our existing customer base. In addition, we see significant commercial opportunities around the joint customer base and product proposition of 2Foqus and one of our existing brands, Cmotions, which specializes in business solutions and analytics, application integration and data migration.” 

2Foqus recently acquired business intelligence analytics, application integration and data migration firm, FourPoints, which operates as an independent label alongside 2Foqus. The firm will also be moving into the Broad Horizon group as part of the acquisition. 

BH will continue its acquisition growth strategy around the data science and business intelligence space as it continues to deepen its expertise and talent in this area. Working closely together, 2Foqus and Cmotions will create an integrated proposition spanning data literacy, data management, business intelligence and data science techniques such a predictive analytics and machine learning. The two firms also have tight synergies in the fields of recruitment and marketing. 

2Foqus’s day-to-day operations will continue to be led by its founders, Dave Jansen and Mikel Snijders.
The acquisition has been signed with the final closing expected before the end of December 2022. 

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Harman Korte

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About 2Foqus 

2Foqus consists of a team of specialists with a passion for data. In addition to data management and visualization of data, 2Foqus stimulates data-driven working among its customers. The business is based on four pillars: Data literacy, data management, analytics and the Academy. 2Foqus is in Apeldoorn and Breda.

About Four Points

FourPoints offers solutions for business intelligence & analytics, application integration and data migration.