Broad Horizon 21.09.2022

Broad Horizon welcomes Iquality as a valued partner of the Group

On August 25, 2022 it was announced that Broad Horizon acquired cloud application development specialist Iquality. We talk to John van Beek, CEO of Iquality about the motivation, added value, and ambitions that come to play with such an eventful development. 

Talking to John, it quickly becomes clear why the Broad Horizon Group decided to join forces with Iquality. Of course, it makes sense from a business point of view, but Iquality’s norms, values, and long-term objectives are also very much part of Broad Horizon’s DNA. “We develop custom-built software and welcome specific queries from our customers with a certain level of complexity,” says John. “This customer-centric approach allows us to create added value and increase the positive impact a company envisages. By strongly involving our customers in the development process we get insights into their rationale and a thorough understanding of the predicted impact certain specific developments have on various stakeholders.” 

Over 20 years of expertise

It was in 1994 that three students, John van Beek, Patrick Joosten, and Patrick van Gelder, got together and decided to tackle the approach regarding software development somewhat differently. They all had technical degrees and were determined to stand out from the crowd by offering tailor-made solutions to customers. John explains: “Our mission proved to be successful, and up to this day, we see a long customer life cycle with an average of 10 to 15 years. Companies are subject to changes, the introduction of new legislation, or a different market proposition, for example, requires new software propositions. The fact that we can react swiftly and have a thorough insight into our customers’ business model is an immense advantage and this is reflected in the long-term relations we have with our customers.” 

Added Value

The acquisition of Iquality compliments the Broad Horizon Group with extensive knowledge and skilled professionals regarding company-specific application developments. John states: “Being part of the Broad Horizon Group allows us to widen our ambitions on an international level and implement qualitative knowledge sharing, this, in turn, will allow us to deploy our building block on a broader level. Being able to expand the service offerings to our customers will prove to be a tremendous advantage, that is why I am convinced many customers will welcome this decision.” 

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

For the past ten years, Iquality has paid a great deal of attention to its social impact and has constantly questioned its sustainability strategy. John says: “We decided to make a conscious shift from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). The main difference between these two ideas, is the fact that we can now set tangible well-defined targets to measure the outcome of our company’s activities. We have set the following SDG goals for 2022: quality education, gender equality, decent work & economic growth, reduce inequalities, and climate Action. He continues: “I’m very pleased to see that this is also an important topic within the Broad Horizon Group, and I’m convinced we will be able to reinforce each other on this vital matter.

Getting Tech savvy 

Iquality attaches great importance to training young kids (aged 9 to 12 years) and giving lectures to college students on technology. John explains: “We have developed a workshop that will have young children reflect on the online pitfalls. Our main goal is to make them more resilient in the digital world and that is why we pay a lot of attention to the privacy and security aspects when being active online. By adding a few fun elements and experiments, we see great interest amongst the youngsters. For college students we give lectures on the synergy between ICT and sustainability, our main goal is to make this topic discussable and create awareness around the use of digital technology and the dangers they need to recognize when online.“ Iquality sees an increasing number of girls that show interest in technological topics which is indirectly prompted by these workshops and lectures. “Fortunately we see more and more young women getting involved in technology, this is a positive evolution and will ultimately see more women working in a technological environment,” says John.