Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. It helps organizations achieve their business goals with an ever-growing set of services.

Azure offers a range of cloud services, such as hosting, virtual machines, and remote storage. It also opens up new possibilities, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Scale up and down effortlessly

Azure - voorspelbare kosten
Predictable costs

Pay for what you use

Azure - veilig

Always the latest security features

Azure is toekomstgericht

Continuous innovation from Microsoft


Open source with support for all languages

Azure Services

The Azure cloud platform features more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you optimize your business:


Effortlessly scale up computing power using, for example, virtual machines.


Many options for connecting to services and features at Azure data centres located around the world.


Everything you need to store information securely in the cloud.

Mobile phone

Easily create mobile back-end services for iOS, Android, and Windows apps.


Multiple database services for storing different types of data and volumes.


First-class support for building and hosting web apps and HTTP web services.

Internet of Things

Connect, monitor, and secure IoT devices.

Big Data

Various tools to process and analyse large data sets.

Artificial intelligence

Develop, train, test, deploy, manage, and track machine learning models.


Use collaborative development tools such as powerful pipelines.

Azure - bekijk de video over Azure


Azure - bekijk de video over Azure

Discover al Azure products on the Microsoft-website.

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