Alumni management for Dynamics 365

Alumni management for Dynamics 365 is a solution for MBO, HBO and WO, aimed at improving the relationship with and between former students.

What are the challenges

It is crucial for universities and colleges to maintain good relationships with their alumni. Not only are the alumni the ambassadors of the institution and they play an important role in determining the image, they also work in the professional and research field for which the institution trains its students. For example, they can play an important role in tailoring education and research to practical needs. The companies where the alumni work can offer internship or graduation places and the alumni themselves are potential prospects for post-doctoral / higher education. Institutions want to be able to approach alumni for fundraising, incorporate their experiences into the educational programs, approach them as prospects for further education, make contact through their current work for contract education and / or internships, use them as ‘ambassadors of the institution’ and approach them for ask them for a financial contribution (donation).

What are the solutions

Broad Horizon has developed templates to support the main CRM processes in education, enabling rapid implementation and leveraging the experiences gained in previous implementations. A specific template has been developed for alumni, consisting of six modules: alumni relationship management, membership management, campaign and event management, curriculum enhancement and a social integration and self-service portal.

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