Get ahead with DATA & IT

Get ahead with DATA & IT

Being ahead. That is our motto. Our mission. And we are committed to it every single day. By using data & IT in a smarter way, we help our clients to lead, innovate, and improve – so that they can stay one step ahead of the rest, day after day.

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Technology does not simply stop at the point of delivery. That is just the beginning. At Broad Horizon, we believe in continuous work processes, which take into account all factors at both strategic and operational levels.


A modern organization is no longer bound by location and time, but is always accessible to all its employees. The digital workplace makes an organization agile.


Cyber ​​attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are constantly adapting. The explosive growth in the number of IoT devices increases the number of (unsecured) connections.


Websites, applications and data are becoming an increasingly important part of the technology and business operations of many organizations.

Business Apps

Our Business Applications on the Microsoft platform continuously provide your company with innovative solutions management.

Data & AI

A data-driven way of thinking and working gives more time and space to devote attention to daily business.

Retail &

Retailers and fashion companies are no longer distinguishing themselves solely through their products and prices, but by shifting towards value creation and customer experience.

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Education is a tool for tapping into people’s potential. It helps us to discover our passions and our interests and to have confidence in ourselves.

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The financial sector revolves around trust, personalization, and customer experience. The industry is evolving rapidly, influenced by the digitalization of the sector and the transition to a sustainable society.

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Many manufacturing and trading companies are focused on optimizing stock availability, defining their assortment, monitoring margins and improving the predictability of the logistics process.

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The publishing industry has been struggling with digitization for years. The transition from print to digital is well and truly underway. The market is constantly shifting towards a more personalized customer experience.

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In the healthcare sector, we primarily serve suppliers in and around healthcare. The market is dominated by small margins due to health insurance contracts and a focus on efficiency and economies of scale.

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